Unai Emery


So we are gonna play a slower football than Wenger’s :unai:


Footballs coming home!


It’s easier to do that when you don’t know someone.


Arsene - Arsenal
Emery - Emirates

If Emery can Emulate what Wenger did when he arrived here, then we might get our hands on the PL title again :grinning:


Brilliant post .
I’m looking forward to seeing how The Arsenal line up and their attitude on the pitch, especially when they haven’t got the ball .
Exciting time .


Our favorite little Spaniard Santi, to stick with the comparison, was playing at Malaga at around the same age Seri is right now. So maybe it’s rare but entirely possible that a supremely talented player, who would upgrade the fuck out of our midfield, could be stuck in a mediocre side.

He’s commented before that he can’t play in cold weather because of an ingrown toenail issue.


Before he called Jack, I want to make sure he called Welbeck and Iwobi first, and telling them they don’t have any fucking chance to start.


Copy that. Right away sir.


Still hasn’t sold anyone though. Cough Welbeck Cough. :kroenke:

Thought I was being original, then I saw yours. Spot on. :+1:


I really don’t think it’s necessary to waste time on a phone call to Welbeck to inform him he won’t be starting.


Maybe he might think this foreign manager is as mental as the last one. :thinking:


Welbeck works hard on the pitch. Emery likes hard work.


:rofl: This doesn’t bode well if this is Emery’s actual thought process when it comes to utter dross like Danny Welbeck.


it is Welbeck AND Iwobi

Not just Welbeck


There is reason why I’m a little pessimistic bruv :laughing:.

Asano is already out of loan. I’m sure Campbell is not going to stay here either. There also isn’t a need to sell him from a numbers perspective.


I take this point and probably agree with it. I just can’t stand seeing him play for us. I’m just getting flashbacks of his failure to control a football under pressure or some of his utterly pathetic attempts at a shot. :expressionless::sweat_smile:


We have Perez too. Not sure where he is in the pecking order.


Well, Emery should win the Emirates Cup at least :unai:


I would like to see Welbeck and Iwobi sold.
We could probably get 20m for Welbeck and almost the same for Iwobi, and the money put towards a Cazorla replacement or a top quality CB or even a GK.

I’d much rather keep Perez than Welbeck.
I know Welbeck has a reputation for being a hard working player, and I’m sure he would do well at a mid table club, but Perez is more than adequate.


We got 6 midfielders. Two of those are very young obviously, but I highly doubt we will sign another one. I’m not even counting Ozil as number 10.