Unai Emery


Because that made sense…


Guy who just said ^this talking about sense :poldi:
But yeh, true, with Emery’s fine record away from home at Sevilla he’s clearly the solution to this particular woe :cristo:


That was a fact.


It was indeed.


Glad we agree you’re talking shit as usual.



Now I get why you were backing Gladiator up, you’re as thick as he is :joy:


Yeah I should return my Mensa card.


And yet you are just a sad little idiot.


Props on how uncalled for this was.


What did he say/do I must have missed it because I’ve no idea what you guys are talking about? :joy: Although I did find it hugely odd that no bigger teams moved for him given how much he was talked about across all the forums and the media.




@AbouCuellar are you registability on twitter?


I think you’re right.
If he was that good he could have gone to a lot bigger club than Fulham.
He is using them as a shop window to show he can play at the top level, which obviously the top clubs aren’t convinced of.


No one has took him cause of his cold toes. Fulham can probably afford to take the risk as if he does well they can profit on him


Btw, is Arsenal.com slow as fuck, or is that just me. Pages seem to take forever to load


Been slow for the past week for me.


Its slow, very slow. Just like ArsenalMania


“Listen, Jack. It is Jack, isn’t it? Good. I want to exsplayn my system. I want to use players that are not physically crocked and that have not been shit for the past 5 years. I don’t think you qualify.”


As much as I like Wilshere, the fact that Emery doesn’t see him as part of the first team set up, shows the difference in ambition between him and Wenger.
There will be no persisting with players he doesn’t think are good enough, and he has had the confidence to not keep our longest serving player.

It’s great to see a bit of urgency at the club, rather than letting things drift along aimlessly, while watching all our rivals overtake us.


Jacks plying style changed slightly since he got back from his loan; it was like he lost the class he had when he broke on to the scene.

I am full support of emery’s decision to be honest.