Unai Emery


The defense and the midfield is EL level at best. Nothing brilliant about this squad.

Big mistake too, to let Fulham sign a great midfielder who has all the qualities this team lacks.



Improvement in his English is bloody impressive:


We signed Torreira - a player who showed how good he is on the world stage literally a week ago?

This Seri bloke might be great but there is a reason he’s going to Fulham and not Barcelona… jheez


Blind optimism here, but I have a good feeling about this guy.

Also, can I just say I really like Steve Bould? Don’t get the hate he gets.

He has proven himself by winning with the youth teams and is a true club man, staying loyal to Arsene, then Arsenal by staying on.

I hope is successful with us too.


Right, I didn’t think he was very good.

Even if Torreira is as good as many say he is, then that’s still only one midfielder…and one who still is not going to add the technical qualities that Arsenal need in midfield. Xhaka was nothing special at Gladbach and Ramsey, although great, most likely will be played as #10 or out wide in majority of the important games. Who is the midfielder who will get on the ball in games when teams start to press and make it difficult?

Torreira with a playmaker like Seri, who has already shown how good he is at Nice, could have been a good midfield.

Anyway, since Seri is no longer an option, then I’m hoping for N’Zonzi, Banega or maybe even William Carvalho.


He doesn’t not roll his r’s like a native.


I hope the improvement of his English doesn’t impact on the way he pronounces explain



Can’t wait for his first interviews post match analysis :joy:


Feels weird actually giving a fuck about what the manager has to say again.


I’m not there yet. Maybe when we play a game.


Will pause and rewind and watch on repeat multiple times when he call Mourinho a cry baby in the press :smile:


Hopefully Bould can finally work on the defence without Wenger.


Can’t fucking believe we’ve let him slip through our hands. I’m hoping Torreira can show something technically which he looked to lack imo at the WC and it’s what our midfield sorely needs. Anyways Torreira is a massive upgrade on trash Xhaka, but Seri woulda been that Santi replacement we so desperately need.


None of the big teams were interested, otherwise he wouldn’t be at Fulham.


Maybe teams would have taken a closer look if he hadn’t brought attention to how diseased he was.


My point was we didn’t let him “slip through our hands” :slight_smile:


Well, I certainly don’t think we’ll do as poorly points wise as we did last season. But bridging the gap between us and United, Chelsea, and Spurs is another matter.

I’m not being a twat, I’m attempting to inject a modicum of realism into the discussion when Arsenal fans have basically turned into Liverpool fans at their worst after having seen us sign a B list manager. And as Arsenal fans we all know how bad that is.

The fact is, we have either a talent deficiency or are at best equal with our competitors for 4th (Chelsea, Spurs, United), and we have a managerial deficiency in comparison to two of those competitors, and probably no better than one of them (United). Projecting anything higher than 5th is scouser delusionism at its finest.

And why should I give Emery and the players time to settle in? I didn’t do that when Liverpool hired Klopp and I said they would get better, I didn’t do that when City hired Guardiola and I said they’d soon be dominating the league, so why I should it be any different with Arsenal’s hire?


Actually if our away form matched our home form, we’d have finished a few points behind Man City, and above all of our rivals.


Indeed, and if I was Gladiator, I’d be a magical Bulgarian that pronounced the spanish r like a native.