Unai Emery


Transfer business is the least of the solutions.

Preparation, coaching, tactics. Just professionalism alone.

We’re a damn sight better just from that I bet.


We have a player capable of being the top scorer and a player capable of being the top creator and then an array of reasonable players. And there’s still time to do business that improves the squad and it’s very unlikely that we’ll do any business that makes it worse.

I think the difference between Arsenal and say, Spurs is a lot smaller than the difference between Wenger and Pochettino. Whether Emery is the man to plug that gap I’m not sure but that gap is definitely pluggable.




Arsenal finish 6th, is what goes where the ? is.


That wont happen.


You’re right, one of Chelsea, Spurs, or United will have a more shit season than us, and we’ll sneak 5th.


So Wenger with his ineptness gets those results we have already addressed areas of the pitch and training we never did for ages and somehow you think we will be no better off. I think you just being a twat for the sake of being a twat because you are having on the manager. You haven’t even given him or the new staff members or players a season to settle with his tactics and you are on your high horse.


I don’t think he’s been unreasonable tbh, On talent I wouldn’t rank our squad any better than 5th or 6th in the EPL. Maybe we are on par with Spurs and Chelsea ? So we should expect 4th-6th ? In regards to Emery though, hopefully he makes us more tactically aware and difficult to beat.


If we’re going on talent I’d say only City and Liverpool have better squads. I think on paper we can definitely compete with the rest player for player.


We? Us? I didn’t think you were one of us any more, Atlético boy… :smile:


It’s coming home


That’s a very good point.
If Pochettino swapped and he was our manager and Wenger went to spurs, then the league positions would be reversed.

We are a bigger club, historically, we are financially stronger and we have a squad just as good as theirs.
So with a competent manager, like Emery, there is no reason we can’t get back above them.

They are also having to pay for a new stadium and are going to find it difficult to keep hold of their best players.
After this world cup, players like Kane, Alli, Eriksen, Trippier, Rose, Alderweireid, Lloris etc, are going to look at their wages and see they are earning a lot less than other top players, at other clubs, and will will be asking for higher wages.

We only have one thing holding us back from competing for the top, and that’s Kroenke, but there’s not much we can do about that.


:unai: knows :unai:


I’d say United as well, they are just being stifled by Mourinho.

Spurs I think have their last chance to do something this year before VAR comes in. They’ll lose half their points and they’ll be midtable the cheating lying dirty bastards.


Am i the only one getting a healthy erection just thinking about the coming 18/19 season?




It’s just great to be going into a new season actually prepared, with no panic buys at the end of the window, no top players leaving and a new manager.

Even if our first game is against Man City, I feel we have a chance to get something out of the game.
There is no inevitability about this season and the complacency has gone.
But most of all it will be different.


Absolutely United aswell, they’ve got nothing special to be singing about imo and were very lucky on a few occasions last season. They’ve also still got the poisonous Mourinho/Sanchez combination and no doubt Martial and Pogba will still play like sacks of shite.


Am I the only one who thinks we’ve got a pretty strong squad which has massively underachieved for the last few seasons?


Absolutely. Definitely a case of the sum being much less than the individual parts. If Emery simply found a way for Arsenal to be merely average on the road, Arsenal would be back into the top 4.

I’m looking forward to seeing Ozil/Mkhi linking up with Auba and Laca. I think that Arsenal’s attack can be strong–really need better organization at the back. Most of all, the team needs some toughness to not fold at the first sign of adversity.