Unai Emery


Love Callum Chambers new trim.


I’m being a bit cynical here, but I bet if Wenger was still here, we’d have people saying ‘don’t overtrain them ffs!’

I think Arsenal’s PR team is sensational, and they are doing well in building the hype for a new season.

But whether all these vids are based on any subsance, I dunno lol. I hope so.


Wenger would probably still be watching France at the world cup and commenting on it for Bein which is way more important than actually preparing for a new season.


While what you are saying is possibly about 80% true, Im still convinced that the training and drills are much more intense under the new regime. Seing Carcedo and Unai screaming and directing players during sessions is so refreshing though.


All of this drilling, I think we only care about two things. Keeping clean sheets and a tight defense, so us fans don’t feel nerve racking every time we see a ball go into our box. All of this means nothing right now.


What do you think he is doing the drilling for?


I only saw running, players looking exhausted and seems like trying to improve their stamina more than anything else.


Well it’s the beginning of pre season in scorching hot conditions so I’m not surprised they looked out of breath. I wouldn’t read into that too much not one of those players is going to be match fit.


If you see Carcedo, then they’re running defensive drills.


Considering we’ve bought two defenders, a GK and a DM (…) it seems someone quickly identified that we were, above all, shit at defending. I can get behind that.


Are they trying to drain me from sperm? Jeez


Someone needs to teach these Arsenal lads how to do a proper push up ffs.


If Wenger were still here, probably our first 3 signings would be a 16-year old lad from Japan, a 17-year old from Slovakia, and a 18-year old freebie from France.


Or just Petr Cech and no one else.


No… this time our gap stop would be Fernando Muslera, then spend another 3 years to find another gap stop. Opsina could have retired and we are still not able to find a true #1.


You’ll make @Trion nostalgic.


Emery Out tbh


Did this today. I can approve its super comfy.


It’s going to be interesting if he could carry us into the top four, because it doesn’t seem our transfer business is going to do that job. Chelsea is not going to sit still it seems with Jorginho being the start of their business. Europa League is becoming the priority.


I think it’s more than enough. The only reason we’re not in the CL is because of our atrocious away form last season.