Unai Emery


Emery’s assistant is nut! You can hear him screaming so well :rofl:



Apparently he’s just like that during games too.


I keep thinking we’ve actually employed Matthew McConaughey as our new head coach every time I see a picture of him. :smile:


Alright alright alright…


Really liking the extended training montages, they should do that more often


Emery looks to work on the details. Love it!


I can’t wait to find out which players will flourish under Emery. Will it be the same, if any? Or will it be someone we completely didn’t expect to.

Interesting. :unai:


I think the defensive players will see a big difference under Emery so players like Mustafi and Xhaka could start to perform at a higher level.
They were both good players before we bought them, and both looked decent when they first came here, so there is no reason they can’t be again.


Hopefully Xhaka. Big hope for him next season.


I feel like almost everyone deserves the chance to show that they’re better than what Wenger did with them, which is why I’m mostly content with our business so far.


This new era is exciting , very exciting.
We’ll be 7 points clear at the top of the table by Christmas, we’ll be out of sight .


To see how many people have taken over Wengers role is interesting in that business is being conducted more quickly and the team established ready to go. Just confirms that since Dein left and Wenger took on all responsibility he had far too much to cope with.


I’m pretty confident Welbeck is not going to score 10+ goals because he gets to work with Emery :wink:.
.But Emery is going to luuuuuuuuuuuuuv his hard work.


The great thing is, it will be so different, and that makes it exciting.

Before the start of this last season we still had, Sanchez, Walcott, Chamberlain, Coquelin, Gabriel, Gibbs, Giroud, and of course, Wenger.

This season we don’t have the usual predictability of the same lacklustre performances, with the same tired excuses.
Emery might be an unknown quantity in the PL, but he is getting his business done early, rather than waiting several transfer windows to sort out any deficiencies in the squad.

He is a manager that can potentially organise a group of very good players, into a great team, and back in the top four, and above spurs again, where we should be.


I keep thinking we’ve got Seb Coe




Under Wenger, Arsenal’s first days at Colney rarely saw much ball work, with the emphasis focused on fitness, but that has changed drastically this summer, with Emery and Carcedo immediately looking to get their way of playing across to the squad.


I’m having all that .


Words cant describe how ecstatic i get watching this. The days of being pussies is gone and we are now building a team of warriors in top top physical condition. All hail king Unai and his gang !


Corporal Jenkinson!

I love seeing him in all these videos!