Unai Emery




Ball out on the first day of pre season? Interesting




Defensive training on first day. I like.


They also did gym work today.

This actually is a sport with a ball btw.


Emery: Today we are going to practice tactical drills.

Players: Si senor. What does tactical mean in English?


Seing Jenkinson still involved makes me cringe



The ball doesn’t generally get introduced on the first day of preseason, but I guess it varies depending on manager.


Reminds me of…


Whoa! A rare Jenkinson is spotted!

Weird seeing a different manager doing training, like the look of it though.


Examples to support that? Or is that just an assumption you made? The only other club I follow on social media (Feyenoord) also had work with the ball on the first training. Or so it seemed on the pictures.


Well it use to be an established norm in English football that there would be no ball work for the first week or so. In the early stages there was an emphasis rebuilding fitness after the break.

Nowadays players do a good job of maintaining fitness over the break, so there’s less of a need to rebuild fitness. Like I said above it varies from club to club

I found ball work on the first day interesting, it must mean the players are super fit and, or Emery wants to get his ideas implanted very early on

This isn’t really a point worth arguing tbh


Theres always ball work with Arsenal. Well since Wenger anyway.


Sounds like Sev is still back in the 90’s haha


‘English football’. It doesn’t mean players are superfit at all. Like I said gym work was also done today. But sure.


Already back in training?


Wenger used to make me stand over there when training was going on


Never seen this in the last years. We already seem to work on the details.



English has improved alot


100 quid Ramsey will win the Beep test, with Jenko a close second.