Unai Emery


So we actually acquired Javi Garcia, the PSG GK coach then! We might see a new and improved Leno if this is the case, very highly rated apparently.


Having two assistant managers is quite novel :slight_smile:


I thought Lehmann was supposed to stay?


Seems like it was news to him too.


We even let go of our Travel Manager


The obvious reason for our abysmal away form


Does Steve talk spanish?


Medical department gutted. Damn maybe there were some bad practices in place and Wenger protected thier incompetence.


So Bould is staying. Hopefully he can have more freedom now.


Is Shad Forsyth still with us?


Was wondering the same… Remember him being a huge deal when we signed him.


He still has a page on the site, so I guess so?


Weird that they mention Darren Burgers and Director of High Performance staying on but don’t mention Shad Forsythe and Head of Performance.


It did sound pretty bad, the way Wilshere was handled particularly.

Of course this is coming from a complete outsider but still.

Santi’s case was just bad luck imo though.



You are assuming that Wenger recognized their incompetence. For all you know, he didn’t think they were incompetent and therefore persisted with them, like he did with so many of our players.




Merts passing his DNA on to the kids eh :henry2: :gabriel:


Explains why he took the job as head of the academy :henry2:


Anybody from OA get an invite to this?