Unai Emery


But Welbz contract is up next year. He should be moved on this window or we just have the same problem of players running down contracts


I think the conversation exclusively about Jack is b/c he was out of contract and he wanted to be honest with him so he could make decision about his next stop…

We haven’t seen any players sold yet but I imagine by the end of window we will see 1 or 2 leave one way or another as Emery gets a look at them, the squad composition overall, and sees how he wants to set things up rotation-wise. For me, the big position I’d still like to see upgrade (although I doubt it now) is wing - if Ozil gets pushed out wide then it is less of a priority, but not crazy about that idea.


It isn’t “the same problem” though. Welbeck leaving on a free is entirely different to the prospect of Sanchez, Ozil or even Ramsey leaving on a free.

You could argue that losing Welbeck on a free would be “a problem”, but “the same problem”? No, not fucking remotely.


Welbeck leaving on a free is 20-30m in the bin. The other 3 are worth 2-3 times as much yes, but it’s still money in the bin


Or we need to accept that the age of the £8m player is over and has been for a while. Losing Welbeck for free is definitely not the same problem as losing Özil, Ramsey or Sanchez.

Also, Welbeck worth £30m :joy:


When a 29yo Theo is worth 20m and Chamberlain’s worth 35m then Welbz 27yo is worth at least 20m


I think you are living in a fantasy land if you think Welbeck with one year left could ever fetch 30 million :joy:

I agree that its money in the bin though, totally think it would be silly to not sell him now and “lose” him for free on a year’s time. He’s shit and we should get shot right now, taking some cash while we can. But because he’s shit and imo probably not worth all that much, that’s why I addressed the “same problem” comment. Bit pedantic of me though in fairness, I’ll admit that. It’s not like I couldn’t see your point.


Renew with Welbz and sell him to Everton or West Ham for 25m simple as dat.


Even if we flog him for something like 15m that’s still money in the kitty that could be half of another player. I’d rather a 30-40m squad player with a chance of being great than renewing Welbeck or losing him on a free but keeping him for a year.

If we only need him as a hard worker then there must be one out there with some footballing ability too.


Fuck that shit.


People need to understand there needs to be active interest in a player for you to be able to sell them. He has the same profile has strikers in the the bottom half but isn’t nearly as prolific

No way Welbeck goes for anything above £13m with 1 year left on his £100k deal


Yeah only chance is some lower level Prem league team overpays for English, hoping to hit gold with a renaissance of sorts with Welbz, but we all know how unlikely that is - the other teams do too… He is a marginally useful player but the qualities that make him useful are the least valuable in an attacking player - we simply can’t afford to rely significantly on bumbling, stumbling athletes much… I don’t honestly see him getting much time at all with us.

Can very easily see him going out on loan to finish his career with us - makes sense for both parties… gives him a chance to put himself in shop window for next contract (hahaha), and it allows us to free a squad spot and some wages. I am frankly more intrigued to see what happens with Lucas than Welbz - to me he is Mr. Irrelevant big time.


Luckily he can leave on a free now, right?


If there is demand for Sam Allardyce and Mark Huges to be the one man managing teams I imagine there would be demand in the PL for Welbeck to be one of eleven players.

Obviously there will be better players available for less but English clubs don’t find them. Plenty of them like obvious choices who are good on paper



I find myself reading that and thinking how he would say it.

i eeerrrrr seeee maaany eerrr guud things and urr sum tu eerr IMprove!


Love his cheeky english :unai:


To renew him you’d have to give him a signing on fee, which is money down the drain and an increase in wages making him harder to shift. You just want him shifted if you aren’t keeping him.


Yea, but whatever the welbz problem cant get me down. im just exctited for the new era. Welbz wont play any part anyway :ozil2:


Arsenal Twitter Cuellars already christened him ‘Bumery’ ffs :arteta: :santi:

I really hope he proves them wrong but let’s see…