Unai Emery


What a great guy, staying in a useless role for six years.


90% of all existing jobs in general are useless. Yet we all bother to get up on cuntish hours to go to work.

At least Bould has prime seats at the Arsenal Stadium.


Not sure who posted it but we went on a run of unbeaten games and Bouldy was coaching from pitch side . After Wenger was questioned on this good run and Boulds influence , Bould didn’t or wasn’t allowed to coach from the technical area .
Hope Bouldy stays on . Great bloke , great club man .




Even if that’s true, its sample size of 2-3 games and I don’t think we managed to score in those games.


Have you seen other teams allowing anyone other than the head coach/manager to coach in the technical area? How about we stick Bould as our next manager if Emery fails and see whether we go on another unbeaten run…shall we?


Yea except that was a load of old nonsense


No it wasn’t - it’s common knowledge that Wenger told Bould to back off !!


They need to. They won’t finally see someone just sitting on his arse on the bench.


Common knowledge amongst common simpletons.


It is 100% true .
Wenger didn’t like the fact that at a press conference he was having to deal with questions aimed at him about Steve Boulds defence coaching from the technical area and the run of solid defensive displays.
Still , water under the bridge now , a new era is on its way and I can’t wait !


Fck off you jumped up twat !! Common simpleton ?


Pretty much same thing happened when Keown was in as a defensive coach too. Apparently.


Been quite a few leaks about these things throughout the years. Hardly a surprise to anyone that Wenger only cared about his own opinions.
I can name a lot of managers who’s assistants roam the technical area too. lol if you think that’s a privilege granted only for the manager. If your not Wenger that is.


That would be you, yes


You truly are an arse !? Common simpleton is you as you cannot seem to comprehend what several people have said about Bould. Now fck off you bellend !!



Type “bould ignored by wenger” into Google. That is all.


I’ve done that and I’ve still not seen anything that convinces me it’s a fact. Not to say that it isn’t at all believable.


Seems like the whole ‘Bould not having a say’ conspiracy stems from comments made by Ian Wright and Paul Merson, who are both clowns who have proven to spout inaccurate nonsense and have little insight into the daily workings of the club.

Merson’s agenda against Wenger is well known and Ian Wright has always been clueless.

I’ve always thought it was BS and I wouldn’t say it was common knowledge.


Explain Wright and Merson are clowns please ?
Is it because they have an opinion like us , are they more entitled to have a better opinion than us ? After all , Wrighty is the clubs second highest goal scorer . Hardly a clown .