Unai Emery


And bike rides in Austria.


Well I think both individuals are clowns because they routinely embarrass themselves in national media with punditry which is neither intelligent or insightful. It hurts my ears to hear such lazy punditry from top level footballers

Generally, I don’t like how their punditry boils down to generic football tropes and stereotypes and, specifically I really don’t like it when they reference the club spouting inaccurate assumptions as fact when they clearly don’t have any credible access or insight in the club. It only serves to create divisiveness amongst the fans and a negative perception of the club in the media.

Merson used his presence in the media to air a personal dispute with Wenger and Wright is just downright clueless, can’t think of a better word to describe the guy. He’s been proven to be no more knowledge than the common supporter and that’s often reflected in his reactionary tweets.

They are fully entitled to their opinions no matter how shit they may be.

I’ve always separated a player’s playing career from their activities in retirement. It’s the sensible thing to do. I actually quite like Ian Wright as a footballer tbh, I have alot of respect for what they did for the club on the pitch but that doesn’t really entitle them to any special blind eye from me when it comes to their actions in retirement.


The truth hurts . When it comes from ex players albeit media ones it’s even harder to take .
Merson - Wrighty slammed Wengers European performances plus highlighted the teams weaknesses and spoke that AW has over stayed his welcome ?!
Well … isn’t that what we’ve all been saying on here?
The only difference is . Both of them are getting paid for it .
Cold hard truth is difficult to take , from whoever it comes from .


Merson is really clueless, tbh. Just look at how he said about Silva.


Whatever about Merson Wrighty is just honest. Says how he feels. Probably lacks a bit of composure in doing so but I wouldn’t hold that against him. He’s coming from the right place imo.


I like Wrighty. Comes across genuine and speaks his mind. Not the most articulate but I wouldn’t call him clueless.

Merson on the other hand is just annoying. Always sounds like he’s whinging and iften fails to pronounce names with more than two vowels in it. His insight is poor too.


Wrighty speaks how he plays tbh. Heart on his sleeve and not always thought out. Picked up lots of yellow cards because of this, but its how he rolls. When I read about Wilshire and his Arsenal DNA and think of Wrighty just saddens me.
Nobody wanted to play for Arsenal more than Ian Wright and nobody cares more now. Take Ian all day and night warts and all.


Is Merse still angry at Wenger for selling him in '97?


I think ex players like Wright and Merson speak more like the man in the street and ex players like Dixon, Henry and Keown are more considered and less likely to say what they really think, generally.

But the common denominator with all of them, is that are all saying the same thing, but some are more articulate and others are more passionate.

They all know, like most supporters, what is wrong with the club and are probably as frustrated as we are.


The issue with Merson is he is such a negative cunt. No matter what we do, he finds a way of using it to attack the club.

At least Wrighty is objective.


The problem i have with these so called “experts” isnt their view on footballing matters, but more their lack of knowledge and work they put into their jobs. It has become to lazy the classic “ they have no leaders”, “ they dont like it up ‘em” - phrases has become boring to thr extreme. When i sit down to hear what a paid pundit has to say on the game, then i want insight and knowledge i couldnt figure out myself, otherwise what is the point of having experts.


We needed a back up rb so we needed to sign Lichtsteiner anyway. But I feel like the leadership qualities are so overrated. We were shite because the execution of the system Wenger implemented was not good and he wasn’t able to fix.


Yes mate bang on these are ex-footballers being paid top dollar to casually chat about football in a suit. They pay no attention to detail. I swear every other sport towers over football when it comes to professional analysis.


As for Merse - he may be an Arsenal great but he’s from the old school where the entire ethos of the club and even football was completely different.

Can he really relate to the Arsenal of now and the last twenty years or so?

His ideas of solutions are outdated because he himself is stuck in that mindset of evaluating football as if it still resembles something from his era. It doesn’t. It’s evolved and changed continuously since the 90’s and even from the early 2000’s.




Love the idea but reads as a bit fake


What system was that?


Our new assistant coach? :mustafi:


It’s called Wenger’s Secret System.

So secret that even the players weren’t told about it.


What a fucking good post !
The one word that sums us all up when supporting Arsenal and that’s ‘Frustration’
Let’s be realistic here , this is one hell of a club , Plodding its way through season after season .
It is time now for a massive tsunami of desire to carry this club back to the PL Summit.