Unai Emery


Can you give us a list of the people who actually know about him? Just so I know who is worth listening to


Not you clearly, as you think he’s an acceptable choice as manager :wink:


I’d be interested in this list too.


Who? 3 Europa League with a club like Seville mean shit?


Well considering not a single poster in here had him as their preferred choice, there is a common understanding of the risk involved.

Now that he is here and till the time he proves to be really bad or good or average, would you want everyone to be critical or supportive?


We should be marching to the emirates even if nobody is there “Emery Out”. We should be waking up in pure disbelief the end of the club has just happened and spend every breathing moment worrying about him. Because to accept he’s worth a shot just shows you know nothing about anything.



Bould stays! Happy with that tbh. Big Jens is staying aswell as they want to find a new role for him


I like the idea of Jens hanging around… he was a nutter on the pitch, but I always found him interesting, intelligent, and quite balanced in interviews outside of playing days.


Our fans are going to love Carcedo :slight_smile:

Not sure about the players though


Carcedo is a lunatic.

I already prefer him to the manager.


Why not use Pires, if he hasn’t rejected Arsenal, for such a role if they think it’s necessary to have such a role? Pires has been around this squad quite a lot I think and he speaks Spanish.


The only thing Pires is good for is an ambassadorial role, where he’s sent out to key foreign markets to raise the clubs profile


Like Bould wil have proper input as 3rd/4th assistant.


Just a bridge to give insights into players - good to keep one who was (apparently) close to the squad… see it as nothing more than that in all likelihood.


Its a demotion really.
Never really like Bould beside Wenger for some reason.
Felt like he was sulking all the time.


he was worthless also, done fuck all for the team from what i can see


What you talking about? He was a defensive coach and we were absolutely flawless in that department :smile:


Why do people keep bringing this up? Is that because he was a defender during his career? Nobody has come out what his role was at Wenger’s right hand man.


It was a joke :roll_eyes:

It’s actually been reported that Bould didn’t have much input anywhere – apparently he tried to have more input in defensive training and suggested extra sessions, but was told no. Don’t know how true that is.


According to Limpar he spoke with Winterburn, who is a close friend to Bould, and it appears he didn’t get listened to by Wenger.