Unai Emery

I don’t think they expected to be outplayed so badly, despite the fatigue from the games midweek.

Mind you, I would be the same if I beat 2 of the best sides in football today back to back like they did.

I do think both us and City will spank them on the reverse fixture. City and us are spiteful like that. See what we did to Lens.

It feels like Villa are hitting their peak and I know it’s cliché, but you don’t hit your peak in December as a title contender.

You go across their team and you’ll see almost everyone is performing at their very best and after this match we’re now seeing some fatigue signs as well.

I love Watkins but he’s performing at an insane level at the moment, especially with how clinical he has been, and that is not something you usually call Watkins.

It’s similar to Newcastle and Man Utd last season. Peaked prematurely and then broke down later on in the season, lucky for them there was too much of a gap with the rest to slip out.

If we’ve learned anything from Liverpool and City over the last few years is that March-May is when you really start going.
Even when Liverpool have had a bad season, their strong final months nicked them a Top 4 spot once and barely got them there again last season.

That’s in the City and Liverpool DNA now. It’s something we will need to show come that period. That’s where we failed last time around.


I don’t mind to see a controlled freak to get us a controlled peak


I prefer Tony Adams as a statue

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