Unai Emery


Javi Garcia highly rated at PSG - we have quite few young ‘keepers at the club as well so will be very beneficial for them. A very good coup.


Why is this considered a coup? Apparantly Emery brought him with him from Sevilla to PSG and now he does the same.


A journalist quite close the PSG camp reported that the departure of JG would be a huge loss as he is highly rated and appreciated at the club.

Fans seem upset as well - they see it as a damage to the progression for Areola.


This lol.

Cech’s done. Need a new keeper asap.


I mean, we’re signing all these behind the scenes people – who are all supposedly highly rated.

Any chance of signing some highly rated players? or no…


Yeah these are the kinds of accumulated small wins that we need to rack up for the next 2-3 years… new coaching, new staff, new FT, new youngsters… all to blend with those we want to keep.

Not excited about Cech starting again for us, but I think this summer needs to be about investing in CB, CM, and wing. Sort out what we’re going to do re: LB and GK over the season. We are not competing for title next year - it is all about top 4 and Cech is good enough for top 4 if our squad is improved and plays more functionally.




Nope he didnt unfortunately, i think we have had Gerry Peyton for a long time, he might be on his way out, his coaching tactics look to be really outdated.


Probably not many, we look to be going down the route of working with the talent we have and coaching some fucking brains into them and if their brains cant gather the information in quick enough or at all they will get binned…another couple of frustrating years ahead possibly. All depends how quickly we can integrate Emerys ideals and who is capable of it.


It will be interesting who they bring in and if they bring anybody in for the wing.


Yesss we got him. He is better than cech and ospina. Stick him in goal asap.


Yeah we need top players for both… It would be massive coup if we could land Dembele on loan with option to buy and then use the money to splash on CM and CB and invest in a couple of more youth. We have some good youth prospects, but after Auba, who is next for striker? Would be absolute stroke of genius/luck, if somehow Lucas becomes a top player for us too.

Laca is there of course, but I am not entirely sold on him as the main man yet… he came on more so there are hopeful signs.


If the bar is making Champions League for the new head coach, what it seems to be for most on here (for now) , I have little doubt Emery will succeed here. We are major favorites for Europa League victor.


Our back up for Cech? :mustafi:


Surely joint favourites along with Chelsea or slightly behind them…also counts for little now until we see who drops in from CL…


I think they are going to have a bit more of a transitional year than we are. Giving us a slight advantage over them. I think a team dropping from we ones we should fear is an exception rather than rule. I’d guess an Atletico shouldn’t happen again soon…


Damn, looks like we missed out on fat Frank…AbouCu… will be pissed…


Fat frank gave more insight on MOTD then Emery has ever done. Lampard clearly should have been the preferred choice.


Where did he go?


Derby on a three year contract.