Unai Emery


Quite a long contract. At least he starts from the bottom.




So refreshing to have a manager with a twitter account.

No need to protest or make banners. Just @ the manager with direct abuse the moment we lose


The exact reason i feel that manager especially should get rid of it, it is the last thing they need.


I hope he uses it like Trump does

“Mourinho is a sad little man! What a loser! Sad. Not like me!”





Arsenal twitter summers are the best :arteta:


you forgot the CAPS LOCK


“It do much to EH-SPLAYN Arsenal history to me”.


Think he is gonna be very motivated, as he couldn’t express himself well at P.S.G. It was all about Neymar there.


well he admited himself that Neymar had more power than him. Pretty bad conditions for a manager to work under.


Exactly. It’s about him at Arsenal, instead.


Spanish guy at work says he’s shit. Sorry boys.




Good move imo


Then re-hire Wenger


Wow, what a dick move. Good to know they’re 100% certain he won’t fail :unai:




Must be a coincidence that the people who actually know about Emery and have seen his career develop agree that he’s shit :roll_eyes:


Its a stupid click-bait spin… you could equally say “2 year deal with 3rd option for club” - saying they “can terminate him early” is just dumb… either way you can terminate someone, the only question is how it is handled relative to contract and compensation anyway.

The whole certainty about Emery is bizarre to me… I can understand skepticism - I share it; but the full on “he is horrible, worst possible option” hyperbole just seems to lack objectivity. I can’t say I have watched enough of his teams to have a strong opinion about the way his teams have played, but he has very good results up until PSG and even under PSG he won several trophies in 2 years - and I think people make too much of the failure to win 2/2 in France - that Monaco team was insane that year.

The capitulation in CL is worrying but equally one might say “his 3 years in a row winning Europa is hugely impressive, especially for teams not able to fund massive squads.”

I think year 1 if he gets us back into CL and we play more organized and exciting football (not hard honestly, we have been diabolical), that is success… after that, we need progress towards proper competing for top honors… can’t expect titles, it is now a 4/5 horse race in Prem (at least) and the CL is a crap shoot.