Unai Emery


Bould, Borac, Laudrup, Martinez, Rodgers, and as a wildcard, Pardew.


fek off :arteta:


Damn, Pards must’ve had a real off day not to beat that lot then :speak_no_evil:



Some small thread of positivity. Anything that I can clutch


Listen to the Ornstein and some irish guy who knows Emery’s work from Spain Arsecast.

Emery is gonna be ballin’ here.


Short extract?


Should listen if you get the chance really good but this account did tweet extracts.


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Guess he can do the same with Iwobi and Mustafi :iwobi: :mustafi:



When I read that I read it as Arsenal signed a goalkeeper. Was I disappointed.




Cech will be back to his 2005 best now.



I am pretty sure Cech brought his goalkeeping coach along with him when he joined.


This is the best goalkeeping coach in world football.

Cech will win the golden gloves this season, believe it! :cech:


Wenger repeated (ad nauseum) about how highly he rated this current squad.

The pessimist in me thinks that he was being blindly loyal to the squad he had built, and that really, it’s simply as average as we all perceive it to be.

But the optimist in me thinks that Wenger has had some outstanding squads in his time (particularly in his first decade) and if he thinks this squad is very good, then perhaps a different coach will get them to achieve their potential?

I’m so intrigued to see what happens with players like Chambers, Holding, Bellerin, Kolasinac, Iwobi, Xhaka and Elneny. Clearly Emery came into the interview process equipped with some great insight on our squad, so I’m cautiously hopeful that he improves at least a couple of them quite substantially.


In all seriousness, that coach is highly rated and PSG badly wanted to keep him.

That may be a coup together etc him, and who knows, may reinvigorate Cech.


Brilliant news in getting PSG’s awesome goalkeeper coach. He’s gonna be so much better than the fraud we used to have!


Honestly, it does mean the ITKs must have been wildly off the mark about Arteta.

That it was going to be an established coach was made likely when the backroom staff purge occurred, as it meant a manager with their own backroom team would be coming in.

Make all that chat about a U turn last minute very unlikely. Sounds like Emery was their guy from whenever the interviews were wrapped up and the ITKs/media didn’t get wind of the other candidates.

That they still don’t know the shortlist of 8 proves that they were not very close to the process.

For better or for worse, they decided on Emery. Let’s see if it ends up being the right decision though, because that’s another matter.


I can’t see this having an impact on Cech. Too old and can barely move now


Hopefully the insight was to replace each & every one of these spineless fucks.