Unai Emery


No people seems to have a revisionist look on what happened.


So you’d have no problem with people preferring Wenger then?


I’m liking what I’ve been reading to be honest. Looking forward to seeing a different Arsenal next season.


The one thing that makes me apprehensive is the supposed player revolt he had to deal with at PSG.

They didnt want to play the way he wanted (which would’ve made Liverpool look like Stoke) and he had to appease his players


I don’t recall either Seville or Valencia ‘playing like Stoke’.




Don’t think Emery is like Simeone or Allegri, tbh. He wants to attack, but also to defend well. Nothing wrong with it.


That’s not what I said


Sounded like it :slight_smile:


I said Unai Emery wanted to play a way that would have made Liverpool (the most entertaining team in the league last season, arguably) look like Stoke. (i.e. his style is sublime).


Oh, as in, you’re saying he made Liverpool look like Stoke?


Ergh, guys! Just for that, here’s an Emery video for you lot to endure


Alright I’m super hyped now! Great read.


Absolutely love it .
Honky Tonks lmao



“No, you point him out, and I’ll have him…”


Check full thread and forgive the potato spelling.

Really looking forward to them renewing their duel next season, the City games will be extremely interesting.

Edit: found original vid


Emery to beat Guardiola for the first time next season :unai:


I wonder who the other 6 interviewed candidates were besides Emery and Arteta?


Vieira, Allegri, Enrique? Still leaves three other unknowns.


Dont think Allegri. He always wanted to stay at Juve.