Unai Emery


After selling Cesc, Nasri and RVP in previous windows.
Also buying only a GK in the window after Sanchez.
Yeah, great memories, or just embarrassing?


The Sanchez summer was good.

We landed Sanchez, debuchy and one more player really really quick.


Sanchez, chambers, ospina and debuchy


Mertesacker, Arteta, Gervinho, Chamberlain, Park, Andre Santos, Jenkinson, Benayoun was the best madness of all time.


That was the maddest period I can remember under Wenger.
We lost two top quality players, Cesc and Nasri, after Wenger insisted no one was leaving, we then got thrashed and embarrassed 8-2 by Man U, and then had the biggest end of transfer window, panic buy I’ve ever seen.
It was exciting but without any direction or planning at all and a complete shambles.


We are excited because Emery sounds like someone who loves to work on tactics, something we have barely done in the last years.


Well I’m not excited about the prospect of getting a 34yo past it fullback and a 29yo never was CB.


Don’t pay attention to transfer rumours then :slight_smile:



From a tactical perspective, he is perhaps better suited to Italian football than the Spanish game. On the training pitch he works hard on defensive phases and how to counter particular opponents. Obviously, he doesn’t have exactly the same tactical priorities that we have in Italy but he works particularly hard on this aspect of the game, more than many other Spanish coaches.

Former player confirming what has been said about Emery. Progressive, entertaining football my ass.


Even if true he is aware of what kind of football the board would like to see, perhaps he is capable of adapting, all it takes is willingness to do so because the personell here are made for progressive football.

Time will tell but it’s clear he has agreeed to what the board want.


He kind of sounds like a poor man’s Allegri and I guess they are similar.

Maybe Emery is a bit more adventurous. I did quite like the football played by PSG since he came more than Blanc, but I guess that might just have been down to the quality of players they had.


This personell is not made for progressive football. If anything one of Wenger’s failures was persisting with that style while the technical level was not on par at all.

Gazidis said he has followed him for a long time. I reckon you don’t ask somebody to change what he has done for such a long time if you know what he is about. More and more I think his Europa League’s are exclusively the reason why we hired him. Similar to why PSG hired in the end, european success.


Well that’s good then since the Italian style of management is very suited to the English game. So I’d be happy if we had a manager with similar principles


More likely Gazidis just doesn’t have a clue.


Why not? Because they looked pants under Wenger? Many if not all are playing below their level, no one is saying for us to be playing like a Pep team.

However, this team is perfectly capable of playing attractive, expansive football with the right set up especially with a few additions.


Because a lot of players in this squad lack (one touch) technic, speed of thought to make this succesful on the long term. With Emery at the helm it’s a needless discussion to have anyway. He isn’t particularly attacking.


It’s easy to say when they’ve been playing in a team that is defined by disharmony, we’ll see what they’re like in a cohesive set up.

As for Emery he is attacking in the sense of counter attacking football, if you think he’s going to be playing some boring stuff with the players at his disposal perhaps he didn’t read the job description.


Great read

Shortly after the announcement of his departure from PSG, Unai Emery spoke exclusively and extensively to Marti Perarnau, the author of “Pep Confidential” and “Pep Guardiola: The Evolution”, on his time at the club. Emery most notably went into depth on his relationship with Neymar and the rest of the dressing room, key moments during their champions league tie against Real Madrid, the hardships of the team, what PSG are lacking to win the Champions’ League and his future.

Get French Football News has translated the exceptional piece of work into English.


Or Gazidis was just full of shit when he said what he was looking for and he is very well aware of whom he hired. Counter attacking football is not attacking football, come on…