Unai Emery


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Fucking love him already!


Wow, it still feels surreal that we have a manager other than Wenger.

There is an automatic energy that comes with a new acquisition for any club, let alone one after 22 years.

There are some quality ins rumoured; will be an exciting season for sure.


Don’t take any notice of that prick , trust me , I lived through some very baron Arsenal Years , 60’s 70’s and 80’s and believe me!, when a new manager makes you tremble at a press conference then you sit and take notice .
Unfortunately most of all you Great Gooners on here didn’t see nor appreciate what George Graham done . , The Arsenal was stagnant, very stagnant,!
Graham came in understanding what Arsenal meant , What the club values meant .
Emery’s press conference gave me , a senile ol’gooner an escapism of belief,
This Emery geezer , means business, and I mean business!
They say never judge a book by its cover ,but
if Emery is that book cover …


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We needed passion and belief and Emery sounds full of them.


The only thing guaranteed about going into a season with Wenger was, a poor transfer window and being unprepared, followed by throwing away yet another season.

All the things Wenger could, and should have done, I feel now will get done by Emery.
I can’t believe Wenger was allowed to get away with such predictable mediocrity for so long.


It’s a shame that Wenger didn’t go after the magnificent FA Cup win , there was no World Cup to interfere with preseason training for the manager .
Emery is going to make this lot work on the pitch with and without the ball . He’ll can obviously see what we can see an underperforming potentially successful team .
Sod the World Cup , when’s the new season starting ?


Do you rate what Graham did over Wenger?
It’s seems like you want to dismiss what Wenger did.
None of you know what this managers is going to do.


I don’t think anyone would dismiss what Wenger did but it’s what he failed to do for so long that has dragged us into the position we are.

If Wenger had changed or at least tried a different approach, he may not have lost so much support.

For several seasons it was all too predictable.
The same tactics, the same windows, the same CL failures, the stagnation, the lack of accountability, and he was allowed to do it even though we were clearly stagnating.

When was the last time the supporters were excited about a transfer window and a new season?
I don’t care if we don’t get top four with him, but at least it will be watching something different.


Last people were excited about a transfer window; let’s see when we bought Ozil, Sanchez.


I think we were excited about signing Ozil on deadline day but that was a very very underwhelming transfer window and is in line with most of our windows under Wenger over the last decade.


Still defending wenger when he’s gone lol


I rate them both , very highly .
Graham came into the club and basically grabbed the players by the bollocks . The team was in no mans land at the time . He got them playing with a tough attitude. The whole footballing world was simpler back then , tickets were easier to get , 3pm kick offs , only a handful of TV games a year . The Fa cup was played one afternoon but the main thing there wasn’t the media around like there is now . Sky being the culprit .
After Graham’s exit , Wenger came in . Everything was there for him to use his modern approach . Everything evolved from Wenger . Wenger was incredible but he was to a degree his own downfall. The legacy and the structure he has left will be there for ever . You’ve only got to look at the Emirates all lit up at night .
If I had to choose one , it would be Graham , purely because life was simpler back then .
I can’t wait to see how Emery’s Arsenal will perform.
Evolution will start again .
Exciting exciting times .


Nice one mate. Love the positivity and balance.


No, but you can have certain expectations. We will see if Emery answers to that or over- or underperforms.


Thank you buddy