Unai Emery

I get that, but it’s the fans that pay his vast wages and have to put up with watching him repeat the same mistakes.

Anyone else who is in a job, performing that badly, wouldn’t be in that job for so long and probably would be on a fraction of what Emery earns.

Like any manager in football, he knew what he was taking on when he came here, and the responsibilities and pressure it entails so, until he leaves, he deserves all the pressure he gets.

This isn’t Emery’s fault tho. He can’t sack himself haha

Well, technically, he kinda can. “Here’s my resignation”.

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Nobody ever resigns from a job tho do they unless it’s for personal reasons health issues or retirement

Personal reasons = being hated by thousands of Gooners
Health reasons = being hated by thousands of Gooners
Retirement reasons = being hated by thousands of Gooners


Plenty of football managers have resigned from their position lol

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Just read that the mirror newspaper are saying Emery has been told he has one month to save his job by the board! Can’t confirm this at present

Yes but I don’t believe Emery will. Why should he?

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Honestly, after seeing Gallardo’s name mentioned here, I did some googling, watched some games and now i feel like I will be disappointed if we appoint anyone but him. It’s funny because I completely forgot he existed and had seen his name since like champ manager 99! And now for me it has to be him :rofl::joy:

He’s exactly what we need, completely out of left field with lots of ideas and beautiful expansive attacking football. I also like how his team transitions play out from the back, no side ways or slow build up. Just like old school wenger, the defenders and midfielders will either cycle the ball quickly up the field or boot it up if they have to, which in my opinion would really benefit Pepe and Auba, who I have noticed On more than one occasion are ready to receive early balls That never come because it always gets slowed down or passed backwards. Plus he’s a serial winner, track record is the stuff of legends can’t believe he’s won all those trophies in just 5 years!


I agree that many people don’t but I wouldn’t say nobody.

I think a really decent person would have enough to have the insight to realise when they were damaging in the role they are doing and do the decent thing and resign. I have seen it before from really decent people - sometimes at great personal expense to themselves by falling on their metaphorical sword. In fact I am going to see a friend tomorrow who has just done this, literally costing him millions of pounds and he has no job to go to and he is worth a lot less than Emery (although still well off).

An old school view from me I am sure but doesn’t make it the wrong thing for him to do the right thing.

Tbf rightly or wrongly most managers are stubborn and self driven and believe in even the worse of situations they’ll turn things around.
It’s basically the nature of the job. Managers get called stubborn when it goes wrong and determined and strong willed when it goes well.
Him and them in general live in a bubble of their own ego’s. It’s what makes them do the job in the first place.

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I think you can have a very strong personality and drive and be generally very successful but still do the decent thing and resign. My friend who has just resigned is immensely determined and self driven but he’s also got pride and decency so he’s stepping down because he no longer feels he’s the best person to take his business unit forward.

I agree many do not resign when they should, but to me it’s a sign of common decency when someone has the insight to realise they are the wrong person for the job and resign rather than waiting around like a bad smell for a pay off. I realise most will not agree with this and say why shouldn’t he maximise his pay off by waiting to be sacked. For me it’s about what moral code you live by as well as having insight into your own performance.

I think the problem here is that Emery is nuts and cannot see what a terrible job he’s doing despite the abject performances on the pitch. You only have to see his post match interviews to see how deluded he is. It makes it all the more galling that his bosses haven’t removed him already after seeing this utter madness.

Here’s another reason to dislike Emery, regarding his treatment of Koscielny and how it lead to his exit - taken from a post on reddit that summarises an Athletic post:


This fat cunt really want to die on the smalldick hill, doesn’t he?

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Honestly, he seems like a fucking retard.

If all these stories are true, I literally can’t fathom how he got the job or any job.


I simply don’t buy that Kos was essentially playing against his will. He’s a tough old fucker and he wanted those minutes. It’s not like the club can force him into taking a painkiller injection.

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I was under the impression that Koscielny was regularly playing on injections under Wenger.

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TBH the main objection Kosceilny had was he wasn’t given a new deal, when he probably didn’t warrant one given his age. And he’s annoyed we asked for a fee because it reduced his signing on fee.

Yes he is on his last legs but I’m pretty sure he can declare himself injured when he wants to.

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I highly doubt we win all those games.

I think the board underestimate how bad Emery is. I guess it’s an easy mistake to make, even his harshest critics when he was hired never thought he’d be THIS bad.

They want to give him an easy run to keep his job because they are fat losers :arteta:

Shame he is an even bigger loser and will be begging to be put out his misery by the time the fans are done with him and the team next month.

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Yeah people can be very anal about eating alone.
I rather enjoy my lunch alone while watching videos mocking social justice warriors.

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