Unai Emery

There are some attackers (strikers/attacking midfielders/wings) that could run all game long, pressing all game long, come back to help defense and tackle all game long, but you can only name a few, JUST A FEW.

They are your dream players, but not the standard of most players.

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Sorry I thought your post was in response to mine.

Dunno why Ozil was brought into it seeing as he’s not a striker.

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Its @ronniec, Ozil always gets brought into it haha


In that particular game against Leicester, our idiot manager had our two out and out strikers in Laca and Auba, chasing full backs.

For me thats a step too far. How are you meant to attack when your strikers are that deep, basically left us with no attacking prowess. Such retarded tactics. I’d be up for it if we were defending a lead but a club like ours should always be front footed, especially against Leicester ffs.


Literally a few posts up


2 reasons.

First, it is because of the retard tactics, Emery (or the retard management) chose to sit Ozil. HE IS NOT OUR SAVIOR, but he sure could get us some more points and he proved his existence made our midfield line more fluid and creative.

Second, I hate to see people bashing him and labeling him lazy. He is not.
People like to use KDB and a couple of unreal players to make comparison to him.
Ozil not pressing or chasing back enough, doesn’t mean he is not good.
It is true that pure #10 is a rare breed these days, but it does not mean he is not useful or handy for us.
If people like to use KDB as a standard, they we can also use Messi as a measurement for an attacking player. If you don’t run, shoot and pass like Messi you are shit then. Sounds fair?
If you are a winger and not playing like Ronaldo, then fuck off?

Okay let’s low ball then. 34 year old James Milner.

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If your dream striker is Danny Welbeck, why didn’t Emery fight to keep him?

We really have tons of shithead fans

I don’t think taking a pic of him is too bad as long as you don’t abuse him. I saw Ken Clarke (I think) eating out alone. Felt kind of bad keep trying to cop a stare to see if it was him or not.

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I’m confused at what’s so bad with this? Someone takes a picture of Emery dining alone and that somehow equates to Arsenal fans losing their class?

It’s certainly invasive but it’s not an indictment on the Arsenal fan base. He’s a famous personality, of course people will take pictures when they see him out.

And furthermore all the weird comments about having sympathy for him because he’s dining alone must come from people who don’t enjoy their own company enough to be able to eat alone.


True that

I think people are reading a bit more into it than is actually there.
Was it an Arsenal supporter who took the photo?
Was Emery on his own or was he waiting for someone?

He’s earning millions and he’s not very good at his job.
There are millions of lonely people in this country, I wouldn’t feel too sorry for him.

I would have a bit more sympathy with him if he was sitting with Xhaka.

Shock, celebrity gets photographed in the public.
Don’t think you can do much about it. I guess it comes with the territory.

If I was Emery I’d think about my abject performance as manager based on the worsening quality of football played and far too many poor results across 2019.

Once I did I’d realise I was clueless and resign on the spot rather than embarrassing myself further. I’d feel like a low grade fraud continuing otherwise. Come on Emery, do the right thing and resign!!!


Despite what we all think in the world of football as fans, Emery is a human with a very stressful job which never stops, outside of that he has to find time to spend with family (surprisingly, this is important even if you are rich).

And after all of this, I bet him having dinner alone is actually a choice which he enjoys as his one of few moments to get the fuck away from everybody and maybe relax just slightly lol



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