Unai Emery

Ornstein response to my question…as expected tbh with you.


Doh… not sure they would say anything else tbh - no point undermining, but if true:

Most supporters weren’t that enthralled at the choice of Emery to take over from Wenger but the board have had to back him, since he arrived because they have no other option, as they had plenty of time to get a replacement and claimed, after considerable deliberation, that he was the best man for the job.

To be fair, Emery took over a team with very little defensive organisation and a group of defenders that wouldn’t have looked out of place in a team struggling at the lower end of the PL.
The only reason we were got a top six place was because we had a decent attack, specifically Aubameyang, and without him it’s possible we might not have even got that.

In the last window we lost first team players like Ramsey, Kos and Iwobi and are stuck with high earning, under performers, like Mustafi and Xhaka.
He also has the problem of Ozil as well as the injury to Bellerin.

He bought fairly well in the window but Saliba isn’t here until next season, Tierney has been injured, our record signing, Pepe, has had problems adjusting to the PL and Cellabos started well but seems to have lost a bit of form
But Martinelli looks good, although he is just a bit too young to be thrown in the first team, and Luiz is more than adequate.

It’s only early in the season and there doesn’t seem to be a definite direction at the club but we are third in the PL.
So taking into account all the changes we have seen, he at least deserves to the end of the season to prove he can turn things round when he has all his preferred players back.

At least we are seeing changes, which is a lot different than the previous seasons of boring predictability, both in the transfer market and in our football.

If he can’t turn it around then, after this season, we should look elsewhere.
I just hope the board don’t give him the same amount of time they gave Wenger and that they only have top quality managers on their short list of potential replacements.



It just sounds like they are giving the manager time to show improvements. I doubt any concerns will be raised 3 months into his 2nd year, especially after only 1 defeat in the league and sitting 3rd.

Furthermore some people on the current board are partly responsible for hiring Emery, so don’t want to make any hasty decisions/comments right now.

I fully expect Emery to be given the whole season without any concerns being raised (unless we epically nose dive during the season) and then they’ll review it.


Big Dave just repeating the company line


Strap in for third season madness ladsssss

Key here is wording of the clause, but that very much seems like a one-way out, which is smart for team… if things go well, he is under 3 years… if not, they cut losses at 2 years.

I’m afraid another 2015-16 style season will give him another year though.

Nobody wanted Wenger after that season did he, despite top 4?

If we are to get top 4, he should only be kept on if it’s because of our merit and not because Man United, Chelsea and Tottenham continued to flounder.


Might come down to how the board view his handling of the players we’ve brought in as positioning.
Pepe form needs to improve and a big part of that will reflect on him. 72 million is big investment and won’t be ignored.

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He’ll get top 4 by the skin of his teeth and on that merit alone, will initiate his third year as Arsenal manager. At least that’s how the Arsenal of old would operate.

The surprise factor of Don RRRaul leading the line is something to consider and that’s maybe the last shred of hope for everyone wanting to depart from the Unai project.

Did anyone catch the Arsecast last Friday? He spoke to an English journalist that covers Spanish football and they spoke about Emery’s reputation in Spain.

I agree and advocated not to bothered about not getting CL football this season because of this.
Difference is were speaking as fans the brutal honesty is their running a business and if we have to be honest it’s probably enough top 4 for them to go the third season.
Even if it’s only from a time perspective to decide on the next manager.

Can’t offer much byway of evidence, but I have a fairly strong gut feeling that Emery goes at the end of the season if performances don’t improve, regardless of whether we get top four.

Perhaps it’s a case of me trusting the new regime until they really let me down. I think they backed Emery this summer and expect to now see something. I don’t think they’ll let an underperforming manager waste our fifty million plus pound players in Laca, Auba and Pepe for much longer.

Absolutely could be wishful thinking cos I’d like to see the back of Emery, but that’s my feeling right now.


I really hope you’re right bud.

Yeah looks like we’ll waste away another season and 3 quarters going absolutely nowhere, but I suppose we persisted with Wenger for 5 years to long so that’s just something we’re used to as Arsenal fans.

Fives kind.

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Think he has to get to the CL this year and if he gets out of the groups and if we’re top 4 at that time they will be looking at an extension. If any of those things don’t happen then adios.

If he doesn’t finish ahead of Man U and Chelsea, who both have inexperienced managers and a few points behind spurs, then he has to go.

Also, if the defence is still as bad, then there is no excuse, especially when all the players are fit.

If he gets third place, or fourth place and wins the Europa League, then he should get another season but if he doesn’t then the board have to show if they are ambitious and go for a proven world class manager.
If they don’t, then at least we know that fourth place is acceptable to them and is the level of their ambition.


Basically for anyone that has hopes or expectations to see Arsenal eventually turn into a premier league title contender we’ve seen enough of Emery to know he’s not the right manager, irrespective if he sneaks top 4 or wins the Europa League.


Buying better players give Emery the opportunity to show he can achieve things it can also be a stick to beat him if the team underperform. We should make third with our team but we know we will accept forth.

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I agree with a lot of what is said about him, Personally I am 75% of the way there (sometimes closer to 100%) on thinking he needs to go sooner rather than later based on performances across the whole of 2019 to date.

He has enough players getting fit now as well as new additions/returners to the squad to absolutely storm along now and 3rd should be easily in his grasp as well as seeing better defensive cohesion and starting to get closer to the top 2.

I think he is a decent hard working guy and I would love to see him be a big success here. I hope my current doubts about him are proven wrong. A few more lack lustre performances now though and it will be hard to resist joining the chorus of Dick Emery out.