Unai Emery

People still on that Ancelotti train?

He’s dun outchea at the top level for me.

That’s why he’d be good for us. :wink:

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Ha touche

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Had a good season with Napoli and think he’ll shock people this coming season.

Outplayed Liverpool and PSG and went out of the CL because they threw away the first game against Red Star.

He’s still got it.

You’re one of my favourite posters but me and you have totally different views on managers haha.

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OA once again showing itself to be the oddest place on the internet outside of 4chan.


I know that’s your boy haha.

I liked Ancelotti a lot don’t think he’s quite as good now but still a good coach, wouldn’t be what we need though.

I do agree he got some good results last season, maybe some magic left but dunno he’d fare too well when the expectations are really high.

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Honestly, your list is not far off mine.

But the fit of a manager to a club is important.

It’s why Ancelotti and Bayern ended the way it did, and why Klopp and Liverpool have managed to be so good in competing with Pep’s City. It’s also why Van Gaal and Mourinho were made to look worse than they are at United.

Choosing Allegri (who was a great fit at that 2011 Milan with the stars and this Juventus team) when our established ‘leaders’ include Xhaka and Mustafi is not going end well long term.

Allegri has been the obvious choice and I’m a big fan of his work in Italy but we didn’t get him when Wenger left and I’d be surprised if Josh and Stan could work out how to get him if Emery doesn’t succeed. I’m hoping they’ll do what they need in the transfer window to give Emery a chance to show his detractors why he was such a good coach at Seville and Valencia. Until Holding and Bellerin got injured I thought the side showed good progress but I agree the end of season collapse was worrying and the post Christmas away form in the league was little better than the end of the Wenger regime. Too many of his squad are just horrendous. I don’t think Mustafi would hold down a regular start in any but the worst defences in the prem and sadly there’s another 3 or 4 players who don’t perform any better than him on a far too regular basis when we go away.

Guess Emery’s big dick energy was just too much for him :eggplant:

Imagine putting Zidane in a top manager list. Man is a puppet, put in the position of manager for pull.
Gotta give it Perez, so far this summer they’re using this to the max but wouldn’t be surprised if Madrid are still Barca’s bitch next season.

Inb4 someone tells me about his CL wins. They wouldn’t have happened without Ronaldo and Bale.

Imagine thinking Zidane has no credentials despite winning 3 CL trophies doing something even the most legendary managers haven’t been able to do lol


Guilty by association.
Correlation doesn’t imply causation.

Are you suggesting it had nothing to do with his pragmatic management and everything to do with Bale and CR7?

Cause I’d be interested to know why they didn’t win the CL in any of CR7’s first 4 seasons at Real then lol ?

Because peak Messi, and Madrid’s inferiority complex. Zidane inherited a world class team by Mourinho and Ancelotti. Also, Ronaldo decided to become Mr. Big Match Special Occasion.

Zidane saw the writing and left, he was soon going to be found out. I thought he wanted to ‘challenge’ himself yet he pussied out of jobs at Juve and Man Utd. Once Perez ensured him they would go big in this market he decided to come back.
While making sone exciting signings I reckon this is gonna be another poor season by Madrid.

Simeone very stiff. Edit just read you had him in your top 7 haha.

I mean sure you can’t knock 3 CLs but Luis Enrique isn’t in your top managers list despite winning 1 with MSN.

Similarly Zidane had a similar cheat code with the players at his disposal. His real job to an extent starts with what he can achieve with this rebuild.

Can’t disagree with any of that. Emery had success firmly in his grasp and every opportune window to maximise it. Collapsing in this situation, in the manner we did is simply unforgivable. I would have zero objections to binning him this very summer. He’s such a pointless appointment.


Aray yaar.

27th of June and we haven’t even signed Banega or N’Zonzi yet. Unai needs to start wielding that mighty power asap.

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We’re still paying off the last week of the Suarez loan in fairness. He only gets one power play at a time.