Unai Emery


Take more than a letter off Unai for @Aussiegooner to take the plunge.:sunglasses:


You see these all the time on R/gunners, the manager probably signs like ten letters a day he didn’t write.


If it’s not prefixed with Good Afternoon, it ain’t Unai


A letter from Unai would probably make him seperate.


Good Ebening>
I hope you are “protagonists” in your wedding.


Nor Good Ebening



Emery may not speak the language well but can sure write a great letter :ok_hand:


I love his strange english, tbh. It’s like a slang.


Is this starting already :facepalm:


I’m happy with that. If a big Spanish club wants him it means he’s doing a great job here


Yeah I couldn’t agree more, I don’t think he’ll end up at any top 3 club in Spain, but if he does it’ll mean he’s done good things here.


Real have appointed some very shit managers over the last 20 years so it doesn’t mean anything tbh.


This is also true :joy:.


He talks shit at times. Leave him alone.


Indeed. Perez just wants puppets in so he can play Football Manager with Real.



I remember when Adrian Durham used to do the evening show and would have a European section where Balague would be on the programme and to be fair, he was fairly knowledgeable but every few weeks would predict Vieira and Wenger was going to Real Madrid and that it was definitely going to happen.
This went on for a few seasons and eventually he did leave, although it was Juventus, but these pundits don’t know anything apart from hearing a few rumours from someone within the club and a few educated guesses, which anyone can do.


That feeling when you knock the cunt Ben Arfa out


Big series of games… well done, Unai.

Back on top - like to see us in the final and finish 3rd - totally doable now, which was near unthinkable recently.


It’s been a great week or so to be an Arsenal fan, so thank you Mister Emery.

Let’s get that 3rd place and the Europa. :bellerin:

This is usually when the season goes to shit so it is amazing that it’s still chugging along nicely.

Winning me over bit by bit.