Unai Emery


Let’s just clarify it was only one season that we finished well off top 4, in 16/17 season the fight went down to the final day of the season in which we needed to better Liverpool’s result, but we both won.


Where do you rank Arsenal’s squad out of the top 6 clubs?


I love this line in his press conference: “we decided to to go with 3 at the back after the last game in the F.A. Cup to protect our defence”.

Wenger would have never done that.


In my opinion there isn’t really a strong distinction to make between what Tottenham (think especially Spurs are being overrated a bit), Arsenal, United and Chelsea have to offer. I think they are very close to each if not on the same level with some being stronger in certain area’s. Hence it’s on the managers to make a difference and other factors like injuries, luck play a bigger role. In that sense Emery is doing a good job.


Imagine finishing 3rd and winning the Europa League in your first season. It’s completely possible.

Would be immense.


Why not, he did that after seeing Conte do it and got good results initially.


Not true. Arsene flipped a lot between 3atb and 4atb his last two seasons. He usually didn’t open a big discussion about his tactics but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t adapting based on opposition.
I think Unai’s transparency roots from his English not being that good and him probably trying to show his understanding.


Need some context here. If Man Utd didn’t waste the first half of games, Chelsea didn’t pull another one of their off years and Tottenham didn’t start crumbling like crisps, would we be here?
This by the way is similar to the Leicester season. We did finish second but a lot of people were mad not capitalizing on every top side bar Leicester not performing.


Yes, but it has always been used against Arsenal that it’s wasn’t just luck when we had the possession etc and didn’t pull through, but other teams punished Arsenal for not being clinical enough. Same logic applies, no?


Why does this sound so familiar…?


Well, that’s what we need to see. If we fail to win EL(unless a proper side get us knocked out, not fucking Rennes) and don’t manage to make it into Top 4 it should be deemed a failure by us, given the current context.


His English massively improved in 4 days it seems :unai:


Suarez played and signed as the translator on and off the field now. All makes sense now.:sunglasses:


What I will say and everyone knows I’m not Unai’s biggest fan is, with 60 points from 30 games we could absolutely expect to be in the thick of it for top 4, I haven’t seen a season in my 20 years of following it where 2 points a game doesn’t have you top 4 or right in the mix.

We have failed in both domestic cups but I don’t mind that so much this season as I’ve always though CL qualification is what matters this season and we don’t have the burden of a trophy drought currently.

As for the European adventure, if we go out in the Round of 16 to Rennes that absolutely is a massive failure. Chelsea & Napoli should be the only teams in the Europa that we should deem acceptable to be exiting against, maybe Inter at an absolute stretch. But even then we should see all those ties as 50-50 and favourites vs Inter.


I understand your worries…
Why not just enjoy the victory for a moment… :slight_smile:


He wouldn’t be Aussie without a good moan :wink:


Class from us :clap:


Unai Who

Unai Whaaa


u know what i mean my brudda


I think we do things like this in exchange for a donation to The Arsenal Foundation. I don’t think Unai just heard about a random wedding and popped down the post office.


Haha agreed. Still a great thing to get tho