Unai Emery


Definitely deserves the credit for our results against the top sides this season. Still some work but hopefully us gaining top 4 or higher will enable us to offer player CL football.



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Yeah I’ve got to give him credit for the big games performances and results at home, that’s the area we’ve significantly improved this season compared to last.

Ultimately my rating of his and the teams season will come down to if we achieve CL qualification, so hopefully we progress Thursday night to keep both avenues open. It’s looking like our best chance lies with a top 4 finish in the Premier League though.


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Our home record against the big 6 this season:

P5 - W3 - D1 - L1

Not bad. 10 points from a possible 15 and on any other day we could have beaten Liverpool too.

I’d like for us to improve on our away record this season. We were poor against United, incredibly unfortunate against Spurs and could easily have beaten Chelsea.

In an alternate universe our away record could easily have read W3 - L2.

Either way I’m really impressed with how we’ve performed in the big games this season outside of the City games and Liverpool away. Hopefully it’s something to build on if we improve the quality of our squad.


I’ve to say it does confirm his reputation a bit of his game-to-game planning and preparation for certain games. I hope this also translates well to the game against Rennes they’ll have this thursday. It would be quite a disappoint for me to get eliminated against them.


Not bad for his first season with us. He’s established a good foundation with the squad to build upon.


Deserved to win against Liverpool at home back in november, tbh.


Better then just not bad, he’s overachieving. He shouldn’t have this side where they are right now imo. A team that finished outside the top 4 two seasons in a row usually before we get into second half of the season. Having the fans excited to watch the team play again. Sure we’ve had some bumps which are to be expected but if he get’s this side into the top 4 again, we’re onto something special imo.



We were always going to roam into the unexpected post-Wenger and it could have gone one of two ways. Luckily for us it’s going the right way.

We’ve got a hardworking manager who deserves credit whether we make top 4 or not IMO.


Come on now. We still had Ramsey, Ozil, Aubameyang and Lacazette in this squad. We added the combative midfielder 99% of this board screamed for in Torreira. Whilst it might not be by much Sokratis has strenghtened our backline. In one of those seasons we missed out on top four by one point. It wasn’t unfair at all to expect Arsenal to be in the race for top four.

If anything last season was an unjust representation of this squad.