Unai Emery


It’s so weird how we’ve started to struggle in stupid small games, but the big matches, Emery been really good this season.

Let’s think about it. He’s taken home wins against Chelsea, Spurs and Man Utd. A draw against a very good Liverpool side, only a home defeat to Man City on the opening day. Then away from home, argubly we should’ve got at least a draw against Chelsea. Should’ve beaten Man Utd, and likewise Spurs. Only Liverpool and Man City away we didn’t look like getting anything, but those two at clearly a step above everyone else.

Honestly, pretty impressive stuff from Emery. We just got to find more consistency, especially against the smaller sides. But it definately some promising signs to come in the future.

Edit: I see @Luca_from_Italy already beat me to it on the top 6 stats :slight_smile:


Don’t trust his judgment of players at all tbh. Need a technical director ASAP. If he gets this window I’m very intrigued to see what his choices will be. Who goes out, who goes in, etc.


Beaten United, Spurs and Chelsea. We get more fun from Emery even if the teams not much better than last year :grin:


That’s the reason why you can’t already judge him well because that’s not the team he wants. Still doing well though.


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From the top of my hat Arsenal only lost points in five or so games against teams outside the top six. That’s not that bad tbh.




You have to imagine we would take something from the home game against City if it wasn’t at the start of the season, luck of the draw.


What worries me is that players he froze out ended up helping him pull some of his biggest performances this season. This is mainly for Rambo and Ozil, plus being scared for the most part to use Laca and Auba at the same time.
He certainly needs help in that department, another mind in his circle to throw ideas at each other.
Hoping Monchi is that guy.


City are a different animal though. If we are honest the pace of that United front line give us some trouble. City got that pace, more quality and a proper system.


And Spurs, twice.

He’s doing a great job.


It seems he has left Ozil out so far just to motivate him. It seems to have worked out, tbh.


Not sure about that. Advising him to leave in January doesn’t help.


That’s what the media said, tbh. We don’t really know what was going on behind the scenes.


Actually could have, If he genuinely wanted to stay and they were pushing a transfer then he would think well i best buck my fucking ideas up if i wanna stay because they are damn close to getting me out the door.


Big balls… Sounds like he got prostate disease… :smile:


I think Emery has proved that he is the opposite of Wenger.
He picks the team depending on who the opposition are.
He doesn’t persist with the same tactics regardless who the opposition are.
He doesn’t persist with the same under performing players.
But most importantly, he is different.

There is no more complacency during the game, and then having to listen to Wenger spouting the same excuses after it.
There is a sense of urgency, and will to win that has been missing for too long, with the same players Wenger had.

If Emery can beat the most in form team in the PL, as well as keep a clean sheet with one of the worst set of defenders this club has seen, and change us from being predictable to adaptable, in the short space of time he has been here, what will he be able to do with a few decent signings of his own?


Emery beats United in the premier league in his first season.

We are fourth. 1 point off 3rd.





Yeah, I was sitting there when the team sheet got called out thinking he is bonkers.

A bit like me on Fifa after I’ve been beaten and on a rage. Hit rematch, select all my best offensive players and go on ultra offensive.

But nah, he absolutely smashed it. Well done Unai :raised_hands:t3: