Unai Emery


Well yeah, that’s the Arsenal effect. We managed to botch a final against Birmingham and almost did it with Hull in 2014.
Still, we managed to build a stable team up until that point. There’s a reason the team went downhill once Mustafi and Xhaka came.


Well there’s no need for me to do that because I haven’t in any way disrespected him. But you’re drunk or on the wind up so no need to further continue this. :slight_smile:


Nope, not a drinker. Anyway, Kante is the kind of player who would’ve elevated us like Ronaldo with Real and Juve, VVD with Liverpool. That vital piece of the puzzle.
Arsenal messing up that window has set the tone of the past years, that’s my point. If Fergie was still around he would snipe Vardy and Kante in an instant. Our morons were fucking counting the cents they could save and then ended spending more on downgrades. Criminal business that.


Fair play to Emery, we have seen definite improvement in the big games which was such a weakness of Wenger.

You could say that shifting dead wood and bringing in more quality particularly in defence and on the flanks will mean results against lesser sides will take care of itself. He deserves time to implement his vision.

He got it spot on today, credit where its due.


I’ve seen enough now.

Emery is our guy, fans and club have to back him fully


Got it right tactically. Made the in game adjustments and subs and totally outplayed United.


Yes unai!


OK. I properly care about Arsenal again. That’s how I used to feel watching this fixture 15 years ago!!


He learned alright. Great set up today.


Listen Jabroni, this is the second time you look like a mug with your balance crap. You said Auba and Laca couldn’t play together because of balance, the same with Rambo and Ozil.
Esplayn this m’fer! They did, and it worked! Play our best players and STFU!


Learnt from his mistakes last time he faced United, good man, our performances in the big matches has been much improved.


Unai watched Ole do what he did to us and 2 months later had the mannerisms to return the favour

My man!!


Not to mention how he would have G’d the team up for today after that terrible loss against Rennes.

To bounce back like this says a lot.


Fair play to him he got the starting line up and big calls spot on today. Turn it around on Thursday night and things are looking good


Big games this season:

Liverpool: 1 point
Spurs: 4 points
Manure: 4 points
City: 0 points
Chelsea: 3 points

Total=12 points.

We have improved in the big games compared with last season. If we could only improve our away form we would finish 3rd, imo.


Any time there’s been question marks over this guy, he’s come back and led the team to a big result.

Just have faith in our manager.


This win is very important and I’m glad for Emery and the club that they got it. But did we really outplay United? I mean if not for Leno’s performance they get a draw, at least.


We aren’t cunts in big 6 games anymore. I fucking missed this feeling of anxiety!! Welcome back my friend!!!


Unai “big balls” Emery. Just give him the players he needs in the summer now.


True but you could argue they had the better attackers and the personnel to trouble us.

Lukaku and Rashford were always going to have some joy Vs Xhaka Ramsey and the back 3.