Unai Emery


If this is going to be you for the rest of the day I suggest you log off until you calm yourself down.


Whilst I appreciate this viewpoint, the fact is we always find a way to implode and fuck things up.

Our players seem to always make dumb fuck decisions that cost us.

It happens too consistently for it not be a concern, or at least warrant some deserved frustration.


No it actually means Auba has elite level movement and creates those opportunities himself. Out of all the goal scorers in the league, did you realize that Auba’s goals are directly responsible for winning us the most points? He has actually won us 14 points in the PL table through his world class play. To compare, Aguero has won his team 6 points. All we have is Auba and if we didn’t, we’d be way down the table. Auba is basically firing us to top 4 himself.


do you honestly believe the steaming pile of shit you talk?


In the CL you will face much better opponents but not Bate and Rennes, man…


If it is true, then no matter who we buy, Van Nistelrooy, Lewendowski, whoever… we will still missing tab ins; get men Godin, Chielleni, our CB will still play like crap and leaking goals for fun…

It is not about the players, it is the mentality of the club I say.


You call Auba missing that peno against Spurs and showing turd level movement and control against Rennes, singlehandedly winning us points? He cost us points this season. Man, you are something else. Not even funny. :xhaka:


Lelel wut?? That’s two matches, one of which isn’t even a PL match. I don’t think anyone is disputing that Auba has had a bad couple weeks, but if u honestly think he’s an issue with our team, u need a new hobby cuz u don’t understand this one very well. Auba’s goals have put us in contention for 4th.


All players just have good and bad games…
The whole team should take both the glory and the blame.
It is not like scoring by strikers alone, can get us 3 points. We also need defenders/keeper to do their job to things done.
Sometimes our strikers scored but defenders leaking goals, sometimes our strikers could not score but our defenders shut down the opponents.


Let’s judge him only after the second tie and should really give him a second season. We are still in contention for the Champions League spot.


Tbf he is the striker that has missed the most big chances in the PL this season. As of now, 19, and that’s 5 more than Salah who is suffering(relatively) this season.




I want what he’s smoking


There’s a mentality of these players that it’s okay to implode and give up the fight away from home. Or even not show up at all.

The difference between Home and Away is pure psychological and it shows a weak mental strength we’ve shown as a team for a long time. Last year we managed as many home points as the Invisibles season.

It’s not Emery’s fault this squad is still harbouring weak mentality and it’s not his fault he’s lumbered with Xhaka and Mustafi.

It all stems back to the board telling the manager ‘the target is 4th’. Then the manager tells the players ‘the target is 4th’ - which happened. It harboured a philosophy of complacency that’s going to take a long time to shake off.


Doubt that? Willing to bet anything that we would’ve won the league with Kante in that side. Guess we’ll never know. :wink:


That’s why it is so easy for you to say that and represent it as a ‘fact’ when in reality it is highly likely that wouldnt have happened.


Almost. The team that had Kante that season automatically was the favourite to win the title in hindsight. Given the only thing we missed and have been missing for a shit long time was a proper DM then I think Arsene would be having a 4th PL Title in his resume right now.


but i find it amazing how people were saying in wengers last year we could be given prime maldini and messi and we would fuck it up, but somehow you think us getting kante and keeping paulista would have clinched the title…somehow i cant see it!


Lol stfu. Chelsea had been champions the season prior and Conte clearly got them playing good, coherent football. The idea that kante made them champions is nonsense.


Couldn’t care less what they had done. Kante won back to back PL titles and then a WC after that.
Put some respect on Kante’s name. Best #6 in the world. Even Put The Pressure FC would win the league with that guy.