Unai Emery


Emery’s big game record is what’s keeping him in good graces. He has proven himself as a very capable manager.

But somebody get him a hypnotist for these small teams, the guy just shites it.


Imagine if we had Wenger in the dugout for the shit teams and Emery for the tougher ones.

City or Pool wouldn’t have a chance of catching us :laughing:


Our record in the big games isn’t that much better, think we’re 2-3-4 in our 9 big games so far, so a lot is riding on this United at home game, win that and it’s improved substantially.

I agree our level of performance in the big games has improved somewhat though.


We don’t have a quality team


The organisation of the team in the second half was shambolic doesn’t even take quality players to set up well, you’d have to question what was said at HT…


I am not arguing, I didn’t watch the game. But from what I gathered from the match thread, we were set up well. took an early lead and were in total control until individual errors as well as some brilliant and equally lucky pieces of play from the opponent completely changed the direction of the game.

I just agree with you that a team can handle being down to 10 men if they are a good, well-drilled unit with solid, consistent players that know each other well and play for each other. We are neither of those things.

People talk about quality in this team but the real measure of quality is consistency. When was the last time our team was consistent? Any player can have a good game or a good month, but real quality players will go out and deliver consistent output of the highest quality 50 games per season. Our players just rotate decent performances with brain-damaged ones and just don’t justify their wages.


Since we have moved to the Emirates, people like Wenger, Gazidis and the board have continually used the word “transition.”

If there was a trophy for the club in the longest period of transition, we would win it easily.

But in reality, the board’s lack of investment has seen us drop to sixth place and that’s where we deserve to be.

I’m all for backing Emery, and I do think he is a good one doing the best he can with the resources available to him, but we don’t have a board with the ambition to get an elite manager because that would mean massive investment and that’s something Kroenke wants to avoid.

Emery is decent enough, we have some players that are decent enough and our league position is decent enough for a club with the limited ambitions of our owner, who isn’t decent enough.


It’s pretty pointless to beat this drum, it’s not going to change. We are not going to turn into a suger-daddy club.

Obviously we have to compete with less resources compared to the big players in the game, in a self-sustainable manner as has been the long-term plan for this club ever since the move from Highbury. That’s not impossible imo, it can be done. You can build a title-winning team without exuberant expenditure, but it will require a clear-cut plan, dedication and time. We needed someone who could do it more efficiently than Wenger, who massively failed in this regard in his last 6-7 years or so of his tenure.

There was no transition while Wenger was here, it started after he left. There are still a lot of Wenger players in this team, cultured in the Wenger ways. That’s hard to eradicate like @Aussiegooner expects, with a half-time talk. I also don’t believe a lot of good managers out there will invest a significant chunk of their career to develop a long-term project against the odds, on limited resources and under big expectations and pressure. That’s why I’m happy with Emery’s body of work so far and think he deserves more slack than he gets.


I agree with most of what you say and, although Emery wasn’t my first choice, I’m still behind him because he has done a fairly decent job and better than I expected.

But without some serious backing from the board we are never going to catch our rivals.

All the other clubs are going to invest in any new players and they are going to pull even further away from us, so we need to spend a minimum of 100m just to get our defence to a competent level as well as a replacement for Ramsey, and that’s just to stop us falling further behind.

We are supposedly one of the biggest profit making clubs in Europe.
We have massive support and are the biggest club in the capital of the country with the richest and most watched league in Europe, and we have a board that insists we can compete with the best clubs in Europe.

But we act like the paupers of football.
Always scrimping and saving, always coming out with pitiful excuses of why we couldn’t get our transfer targets.
Always settling for second, or in a lot of cases, third or fourth best.
Always coming out of every transfer window with no where near what we need.

The biggest obstacle to this club’s success is not Emery, it’s Kroenke, and until he goes, we aren’t going anywhere.


I remember in the days of Cesc and Van Persie, we were playing some nice football, but lacked that one or two killer signings to win us the league. At the time it was because of the transition. But, imagine if our owners would have actually cared, they could have invested at the time and gotten their money back plus profit I am sure of. Perhaps won a league or two and we would be in a much better state nowadays, especially our collective morale.

Now we are just playing catch up with limited funds. At the end of the day, the manager is only able to do so much with what is at his disposal.

If Aubameyang refuses to convert easy chances into goals and Laca is suspended, what else can he do? Make a sub and play Leno as a striker? We have little options and Emery can’t convert the chances for Auba.


Why inflate the situation? Lol

I know you’re throwing up an example to make your point… But things aren’t that bad


Well - it is true. Auba has had so many easy tap ins he failed to score this season, it’s unreal. It means we are creating chances, but we are missing a Van Nistelrooy type of guy who just bangs them in once he has a chance inside the box.

Auba is frustrating. Sometimes he is capable of scoring beautiful goals, but mostly he is failing at tap-ins that cost us points in the end.


Yeah you’re right, maybe we need to stick Leno up top like you said to get the goals in


Just wanted to make a point as you said :gunnersaurus:


Emery should resign and leave us with Big Sam. Some of you deserve the worst.


God Luca, it doesn’t seem like you’ve calmed down at all :laca:


Are you dumb? Like actually?


Tell you this. Sign Kante instead of Xhaka. Stick with Gabriel as CB. Arsenal would’ve probably been PL Champions instead of Chelsea in 2017. Quite a leap from 5th.
Crazy how details matter. Who would’ve thought.:hushed:


Read the previous posts and noticed some bollocks.


Wind up.