Unai Emery


I agree the squad needs a lot of work, but with the squad we have we shouldn’t be losing both games away to Bate and Rennes whilst scoring 1 goal and conceding 4. Bate wouldn’t even be in the top flight in England, whilst Rennes are the 10th placed side in France.


Of course but one offs happen and it was certainly helped by Sokratis red. It definitely hurts his case if we end up going out against Rennes but points total in prem is to me most crucial measuring stick.


No argument on them mate and im not defending him on it. If the club have a plan going forward of investment and a manager to implement it id buy it.
If its just try someone else on a shoestring budget and hope to get better im not interested.


Yeah I’m sick of hearing the 10 man excuse as I’ve said a few times, we have had many games against 10 men and bottled it and I’ve heard Arsenal fans use the excuse saying they were harder to break down because they had 10 and put numbers behind the ball.

Atletico managed to play 80 mins and hold us to 1-1 with 10 men at the Emirates, whilst we have conceded 3 in 50 mins at Rennes with 10 men and truth be told it could have been 5 or 6, so that doesn’t wash with me.


I don’t even know what to say… “10 man excuse?”

It makes a f*ing huge difference, especially when your best CB is the guy that gets red, with our shambolic defending.

Atletico are in a different league than us atm and are probably the team and manager that are perfectly suited to holding out in a 10 man game.


Either way you look at it, if we go out to a midtable French side in the Round of 16 of the Europa League it’s another massive failure on Arsenal’s behalf on the European front. At least last season we got to the SF and it took a side that was probably to good for the Europa league to take us out.

Massive pressure on the 2nd leg for Arsenal and Unai Emery IMO.


Agree with this - would be big ding on our season regardless.


Support the coach!


Our loss at Rennes is another example as to why we probably won’t get top 4 even if we somehow manage to beat Man United. Away games at Leicester, Everton, Wolves and Watford will see us drop many points on the travels in the run in, put simply we’re just a garbage team away from home.


Yeah I heard something like 2 in 11 games tonight. BATE and this lot amongst them. We look like just wasting a season here. We are basically just confirming our squad is 6th best and needs investment.
Thats not a season of transition, its a season of neglect and ineptitude by the club.


Yeah that’s how I’m feeling also. We just won’t be able to pick enough points up in those matches sadly.


I think we’ll dispatch of Watford and Everton easily, however Wolves and Leicester is some big
pivotal games given they’ve beaten some of our competitors for the top 4, they are game raisers and will definitely fancy themselves at home.


We only lost to Ostersund and Atletico last season in the knockouts? Horrendous from us so far this season. Two losses out of 2 already


Correct we won both legs vs Milan and a win and draw vs CSKA.


Imagine us in the CL if we struggle against BATE and Rennes ffs. I actually hate this shit house squad.


The squad isn’t the reason we’ve lost to Bate and Rennes away, how many players in those sides combined get a starting 11 spot at Arsenal ?


I think it is. They don’t even have to be better player’s just smarter


Arfaaa!! But not under Emery. :joy::joy:


Yeah I just checked and we have won 2 of our last 11 away games in all competitions, vs Huddersfield & League one Blackpool in the cup, basically shows our away form and defence has barely improved this season at all.


Given that we upgraded with Leno, Sokratis and Torreira(also got rid of that professional dispossession machine Alexis) then I think we got worse defensively, at least tactically.:hushed: