Unai Emery


Im backing him to the end but this away game record is starting to look like the one he had at Sevilla. Very very concerning.


I think he meant they are extenuating circumstances for Emery, in the sense Sokratis getting himself sent off and Laca deciding to be properly violent (lol) aren’t things within his control.


Small dicking everywhere. Man, we cannot have a 2nd leg away from home at any point, can see any half decent team battering us and far surpassing any target we set them from the home game.


On reflection, I probably should’ve waited 24 hours before posting this :unai:


Yeah I see that now.

However, I can’t see a single aspect of this performance for which the buck doesn’t stop with Emery.


Martin Keown just now has questioned Emery’s English skills, whether the things he’s saying is a little unclear, whether that’s a possible cause if players are not 100% understanding his points.


Eleven vs eleven tonight and most of this knee-jerking doesn’t happen.


I worked with some spanish people in England and they did really struggle with english. It’s really difficult for them to learn it.


lol he has better english than keown these players are just shit (well 3/4 of them)


Tbf my post said that despite those circumstances, Emery still shoulder the blame for his cowardice. Again.


Still fully behind me. Sokratis costed us the game.


Half of our squad speaks Spanish so I doubt this is the issue lol




Do the TYSB have a mailroom?

I’m no vice president but feel like applying to become an apprentice.


You are better than this.


Consider me put in my place.



Scrolling and lolling tonight


I am starting a Give Emery A Proper Chance Brigade=GEAPC.

Who is with me? @LordBendtner @oompa @Great-White-Gooner @will24

Jade @Phoebica absolutely not. She has joined the darkside of the moon, the fucking TYSB.


Are we allowed to knee-jerk if they can’t fix this in the return tie?


no room for me luca? :giroud: