Unai Emery


Sorry mate! You are the number one fighting against the moaners, especially some from the south of the world.



I don’t want to hear excuses about 10 men, quality teams deal with it and don’t implode like we did.

2nd leg will be interesting, we have a chance to overturn this deficit vs a midtable French team at home, but it’ll be tight.


We used to slap teams with 10 men on the reg. Smh at this husk of a team compared to those giants.


Im in ! Unai4Lyfe


Blame Wenger. He has left with so much shit it its unbelievable.


Oh I do, bud. Him and the bald cunt


Used to bitch a lot in the old OA during the Fabregas/RVP era and now look at our squad now, the state of me and the state of our squad smh. the FA Cups I’ll take tho.


I kept thinking during the game tonight, fuck the 2004 lot, I’d happily take the 2010 team right now.

Miss those guys a lot. Had a lot of love, even for guys like Nasri and Song.

I find items more, compared to this cabal of cunts


Stop with this bullshit.


Mate we have more than enough quality in the squad to be taking sides like Bate and Rennes to the cleaners, stop trying to blame Wenger for that.


Sorry brother, I’m a lover, not a hater :sunglasses:


Haha I haven’t even said anything. But thst’s cool, I like being part of a club. Do I get a job title?


I did not hear OGS blaming Mourinho and the mess he left…


Because it was the good kind of mess… any manager would have gotten more out of that quality squad than Mou did at that moment.


Bar Mustafi, we do have a good squad also, I truly believe that.
United do not have a better squad than us.


They have a significantly better squad. Agree to disagree on that.


Yes, agree to disagree.


Say we finish 6th place and get knocked out in the round of 16 by Rennes coupled with early exits in both domestic cups, where does that leave Unai Emery ?


As the fall guy. Yeah tonights bad and reflects on him but till the board get a plan where screwed imo.
We are a very poor squad and a long long way behind the others. Total fucking mess and in a lot of trouble tbh.