Unai Emery


They are not bad but PSG had commanding lead going into home game. PSG have issues. ManU has struggled against many poor teams including recently barely overtaking Soton.


Yeah I agree don’t worry, getting knocked out having a 2 goal advantage at home vs that Man U 11 is absolutely unforgivable for PSG.


I’m about one more bad result away from calling him Bumery


He might be bringing some cultural change but he is a shit tactician lets just admit it. Other than “run harder” he has absolutely no answers.

Over the course of the season he’s gone a long way in proving he’s exactly what his detractors said he is. The worst part of it all is he couldn’t even make us “harder to beat”.




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Oh how the tables turn :arteta:


Tbf, Allardyce is a better coach than Emery.


Save us Arteta!


As a club we are just tragic.

Fucking United beats the strongest club of France in France and we play as a bag of turds against the 10th placed Rennes.


The pressure on mounts on the Europa League specialist, he got away with it vs Bate, but will he be as lucky after giving up a 2 goal start to a mid table French side ?


Small dicking again to an extent, and it hurt us. I kind of accept there are some extenuating circumstances but still.


Unai Emery has lost a Europa League last 16 knockout fixture for the first time since 2012


Are there? It’s not like the red card was contentious.


Like no Laca, or Sokratis sending himself off


Sokratis getting a red card isn’t an extenuating circumstance, it’s just a shit performance. Lacazette’s suspension is equally not any kind of hard luck story, he deserved it.


Wouldn’t that have been BATE?


Ah the stat must have been for this round in particular


Might as well.


I meant for Emery’s shit sub choices.

Was Suarez available?