Unai Emery


Yeah technically you’re correct. But the reality is especially these days, 6th and 7th in the league will get a European place as its highly unlikely someone outside that will win one or both of the FA & League Cup.



It would be simply a catastrophe worthy of imprisonment of all players and the manager.


You are trying to downplay City’s team just not to give Emery credit :roll_eyes:


Stop underestimating this squad lol. If Arsenal fell outside of top 6 the manager in charge would have massively failed.




For momentum, belief and obviously jumping above them in the table, we absolutely need to beat United on the weekend.

If we are as drilled and motivated as we were against Spurs, at the Emirates, we will win that match.


And if Auba and Laca have their finishing swag on point!


I don’t know why but I’m a lot more confident going into this Sunday’s game with United than I was back in Dec when they were in tatters.


They are due a bad result, imo. Their recent performances have been a bit lucky.


No, this is just being realistic. Every team has bums. Even the Barcas and the Madrids. Nothing new here.


Not underestimating the squad. I have mentioned multiple times that last year’s squad with a couple of touches could compete.
Anyway, those were just my thoughts on what I saw in the early games. We played some pretty bad stuff in the first games but somehow managed to get the 3 points. I thought once we were caught we would fall out of Top 6. We used to get outplayed against any PL side.


Luca told me to say sorry, so sorry, I guess.


I think you said we hired a bottler from P.S.G. Look at Tuchel now.


We can be certain that Emery is currently leaning back in his armchair with a glass wine in hand, chuckling to himself.


saying ecshplayn this result PSG!!


“Looks like PSG didn’t have a good ebening!”


In all seriousness, fair play it does just look like PSG are a useless corrupt diva of a club that has serious issues with attitude when it comes to the CL.

Honestly feel like their recourse now is to donate millions to Marseille, Lyon, Monaco etc to build the French league into the best league in the world so they get some actual competition so they don’t lose intensity etc :arteta:

Emery and Tuchel can be absolved to an extent.


hmmmm PSG collapses on lead against a not so great ManU side at home…


Maybe this Man U are great, dropped 4 points in 3 months in the league, whilst knocking Arsenal & Chelsea out away in the cup :thinking:.