Unai Emery


Fuck me, who in their right mind would put themselves through that twice?


Hopefully me and Unai.


How can you be sure it was only twice? :rofl:




You are back? Sad day for the board.




Media reporting this morning we’ve only got £40m for the summer transfer window.

So fucked up if it’s true :man_facepalming:


Half of that is for Denis Suarez hoho


Absolutely hilarious if true, the move to the Emirates paying divedends.


We’ve more money than we ever did before so if the figures are true Stans loans are probably getting paid…


By media you mean ol Jonny Cross. The guy is a fool haha


Clickbait stuff. Once Ramsey (:cry:) Dat Guy and. Cech move on, plus a couple of fringe players, plus Özil? (:pray:) we will have more flexibility and greater financial muscle. Still not enough certainly, but I’d expect 2 or 3 in in the summer, including Suarez if he passes his trial successfully

45 can’t be just a figure taken in isolation


Its coming from the Daily Mail so it must be true unfortunately.


You just know that we’re gonna spend the rest of the season saying it’s not this figure and once x, y and z have gone we’ll have this much but this is Arsenal, given its being reported by who ever its most likely not far off just like they were when they all reported we had fuck all for January.


We did spend like ~65 million net last summer, but somehow our budget is going to be less?


Impossible not having Ramsey, Cech, Welbeck, Koscielny, Licht and maybe even Ozil anymore.


Yeah we’re freeing up wage bill but not receiving any money for those players mentioned.


Theres obviously lots of money available but this sowing the seed of the policy we are likely following.
i never bought the wait for summer utopia of some last week. Called it last week and will again. Emery going to be sold short and be the fall guy.
We havent dropped far enough down yet for this board to be effected yet. Rolls Royce version of Mike Ashley level of business going on here.


If it’s true, and that’s the extent of the board’s ambition, then not only aren’t we going to buy any top quality players, the few we have will clear off to more ambitious clubs like Everton and Wolves.

It will also prove, of proof were needed, the contempt the board have towards the supporters.

All the lies about being able to complete financially with Europe’s top clubs are being found out and that top six is our real level of ambition.

I’ve been told on this forum numerous times that we can compete financially and that we have plenty of money to buy top players but realistically, if these rumours are true, we have more chance of finishing outside the top six than winning the PL.

Thanks to Kroenke, we are becoming a bit of a joke club but I’m sure he couldn’t care less as long as the profits and the value of the club keep rolling in.

I despise everything about Kroenke and his son because they have, and will continue to, ruin our club.


It’s becoming more and more apparent that he’s going to be used as the fall guy for the instability at boardroom level. I think he knew there wouldn’t be much money available and that he’d have to work under a structure - however I don’t think he ever anticipated the structure falling apart half way into his first season.