Unai Emery


Gotta give it to Unai today. Amazing performance and tactics in the firtst half. Simply went ahead and put Kola in a LM/LW role while having the actual LB(Monreal) do the job in a back 4. Plus, going for a straight up 4-4-2 with Guendouzi and Torreira at the heart of our midfield really frustrated the hell out of City. That’s the future right there. Those two.


@shamrockgooner :gabriel:


Depends on resources and how you look at it. I think the measuring stick needs to be calibrated each half-season. Based on just points or league position, we are about meeting expectations and that is with injury crisis at back. I don’t think any rational person thinks we can overhaul quality of squad enough to match the top 2-3 teams in the next 2 years though unless we get insanely lucky and our young players develop into stars.


Which is still more than last season, tbh.


Looks like we’ve succumbed to this already :man_facepalming:


Agree with all of that but still think because of injuries and short comings we had to loan or bring in something at the back to bolster us till May.
Think it will cost us making progress for the rest of the season. We should not be ignoring transfer windows.


Lol the guy after Wenger was always going to have impossible job… doesn’t help that Spurs and Pool are at the absolute peak of their powers this year too.


100% agree, but I can’t imagine Emery turned down chance to spend aggressively.


I dont. Reasons have been documented why we couldnt but think we could have got a loaned player or good enough for now signing on the cheap.


@Luca_from_Italy and James Bond fans going to love this. Pussies galore.


Wow! Someone deserves 10 more years of Wenger. Fucking pathetic.


Emery needs to be given at least 2 years to prove himself. It is unreasonable to demand miracles from him in his first season with the shambolic personnel handed over to him. A top 6 finish for him is perfectly acceptable, especially given how well Spurs and Liverpool are playing this season. Chelsea and United always up there.

The only way for me to consider turning against Emery is if we slip lower than 6th, but that seems highly unlikely.

You have got to give him some time. Especially when his predecessor was here 20+ years.


Look at the face of the guy holding the sign, his depression clearly goes deeper than the state of our team.

Bet he’s recently divorced and Karen won’t let him see the kids.


Definitely looks like a guy that’s given up on life and Arsenal is his last hope :joy:


and voted for Brexit as these foreigners are stealing all our jobs


Karen is a common male name in Armenia. Could it be he is in a gay marriage to one of Mkhitaryan’s cousins? In any case, the lad looks like he is having a rough time.


Give him some poison. Fucking mofo.


Don’t rate Emery but if the match against City was the one that made anyone step to the Bumery side they really don’t know jack shit about football.
Emery put out the a good side against City and we clearly frustrated them. Really unfortunate about those goals. City on another level and very much ruthless. The ball really wanted Aguero.


This is why I’ve been so amazed at some of the reaction from our fans to this match. What did they expect, given the players we have compared to them?

There are matches this season in which the manager has deserved to get hammered, I don’t think this one is close to being in that bracket.


I was very happy with our first half, but on watching the second half again it was pretty atrocious tbh.