Unai Emery


Exactly this.


Protest time in that case I guess :henry2:


Can’t be true. You told me 200m bank balance was available to spend at any time.

Actually its the mail online, so probably isn’t true. We have new commercial deals starting up, which should provide an extra £50m per season over what they are right now.


It is.


Good to hear, how do you think we’ll spend the 200m this summer?


We won’t cos Stan won’t allow it given he now has full control and doesn’t have to report etc.


So you’re saying Stan won’t allow it now but he would have allowed a 200m transfer window before?


When you put it like this, the state of this club because of the board is just unacceptable. Shame so many gullible fans are just blind to our board’s lacklustre ambition.


Don’t think he’d have intervened if the management had wanted to spend any available money. Now that he has complete control and has spent the guts of a billion quid buying the club it’s a different story. Yep. (Also never said all money was available to spend. More than aware some was held for debt).

Even when he took over in 2011 there was 100m+ sitting there.


Its better to work out the kinks early than persist with people who arent working towards the same direction.

I dont think sven is a big loss at all


That should sort out the defence.

All we need then is a winger and a replacement for Ramsey.

Then we just have to rely on all our rivals not buying any players at all, and that should see us get back to a level where will challenge for the top four trophy.


Yeah nor do I to be honest with you. I think his loss is overstated by the doom mongers.


He’s always had complete control of the board. So why allow 200m cash investment then and not now?

Sure he can take it out now without any questions being asked but if he is planning to take it out now don’t you think he might have been planning to do that for along time?

Also Kroenke’s influence didn’t start in 2011. He’s been a shareholder since 2007, on the board since 2008 and largest shareholder since 2009


So we are gonna be a poor’s man Manure: keep changing managers, but have no money :roll_eyes:


How about we leave it at you know what you know and I know what I know. There’s no agreement to be had here. :slight_smile:


200 million figure has been explained… it isn’t a useful figure. Only things we should be looking at are total wages (compared to other clubs) and net spend (compared to other clubs)… added layer stupid compliance with FA and FFP (if you believe in such things). I wouldn’t get wound up about a stupid article like that at the start of Feb…

I reckon we’ll spend net somewhere in the 65 range again.


All this confirms is that Arsenal fans are highly emotional people susceptible to media spin and false narratives.

The media know they can squeeze clicks from Arsenal fans with stories like the one you reference.

What annoys me the most is a frugal common sense approach to spending after years of overspending and poor invrestment is being treated like owner imposed austerity.

People question the budget after spending £70m last summer on average talents like Leno and Sokratis?

The media doesnt know anything. We’ve been subject to negative and overly positive budget forecasts every year.

January for example, the “no money” angle came from media spin. Emery said we cant do permanent deals that doesn’t mean that there no money, yet Arsenal fans take the spin as gospel rather than examine the various more logical factors which lead us not to commit major money in Jan.

We were prepared to commit potentially £40m+ in options to buy for 2 players in the summer but that would be our budget? Its laughable


Ahhh but you did say ‘the money will be available and if it isn’t I’ll question why’…now you have a reason that Kroenke’s financial strategy completely changed since Wenger left. Not logical.


It’s perfectly logical.


If Stan has to spend money to move the club forward to winning way in top four it will hurt considering he came to Arsenal when Wenger was almost guaranteeing top four on little money spent. So now he is having to consider outlay to reach top four. He may sell up and leave with the money needed to achieve that.