Unai Emery


Lichtsteiner was clearly a deal that was agreed before Emery took over, because he’s the exact kind of fullback he doesn’t want.

I’ve said a few times now that I’d prefer Jenkinson at this point, but the simple fact is that we don’t have a good backup option to Bellerin and that’s not because of Emery. His hands are tied with who he can put there atm.


I have no idea what our identity under Emery is except running more.


We could’ve really done with someone like Perisic or Carrasco that can actually run at the opposition.

What is our squad good at? Our attacking play lacks so many dimensions.


On pace for 71 points, in 6th place, driving our most creative player out of the club all while persisting with underperforming players like Lich, Xhaka and Iwobi.

It’s not all his fault, the investment and recruitment have been poor but not making the best of the assets he has is his fault


What I’ve seen so far is very ugly tbh. Feels like emery is living up to some bogus ideals with the kind of football he’s serving up.



Emery deserves stick today for starting Iwobi and not having any real creativity in the side. What is the point of having two top strikers up top if you can’t get the ball to them? Having bodies in the box doesn’t mean you’re defending well if they aren’t positioned.

And Lichsteiner is another one. He hasn’t had a single good game this season and even though Jenkinson isn’t ideal, at least he’s serviceable and would give more than Lichsteiner. We were totally torn apart for all three goals on his side today.


Arsenal have allowed 12 shots on target today, 11 against Chelsea away, and 10 against Liverpool away. We have conceded 13 in our 4 big away games so far. Emery is out of his depth.

— Gambon (@TheMightyGambon) 3 februari 2019

I just really hope he can bring the Europa League to North-London on his way out :pray:.


Absolutely terrible stat, Indicates huge issues with the system


Summer 2019 Transfer Motto, no joke. Has to happen.


Yep, sack him and let’s get Wenger back in.

14 years of misery and some snowflakes go mad just because Emery can’t fix it in just 6 months.


Lol. Wenger had to go. Doesn’t mean Emery is the right choice.


Allardayce is free. Let’s get him in.


The remit of whomever was appointed after Wenger should have been someone that could allow us to punch above our weight against the other top teams, it’s early days but If Emery is incapable of this then he won’t last.


I don’t have anything to say. It was expected. As about Emery, it’s his first season. All I hope is to win Europa League in order to play Champions League next season.


I know but Emery is the one that plays him.

The defence needs heavy gutting.

I’m curious if they’ll actually sort it, and who Emery/the team buys for defence. No excuses.

If Mustafi is still a starter for us going into next season, this leadership ain’t it and it’s time to get Kroenke and everyone below him out.


Are you actually like this or is this an act?


I can’t talk seriously with someone who think Emery needs to get sacked after just 6 months in charge. Can you just give him time?


So do you think our board should have appointed Allegri or Sarri? Really? Do you really think they could do it?


Not everybody is Guardiola or Klopp and with time will figure shit out. Just look at every manager United has appointed since Ferguson. Chelsea also has fews examples of those.


So we should just keep changing managers like Manure and Chelsea until we find the right one? Christ :facepalm: