Unai Emery


Yes. Or we need to accept that our future will not be better than this.


Well, i rest my case. The most stupid post ever. Keep changing managers just for fun is just plain stupid.


He’s the one that plays him but there aren’t any other options. Maitland-Niles wasn’t fit and isn’t a fullback, and Jenks has never been good enough. What else was he to do?

If the argument is that Jenks is better than Lichtsteiner at this point, then I would accept that, because I tend to agree.


I mean the window was open like three days ago. At a certain point we just have to pay for the players we need.


That window could not be ignored and a board with no direction all lines up to Emery being the fall guy here.
Criminal negligence and Emery should of voiced concerns instead of courting the party line for his own good.


What? Emery has clearly asked for players, something i have never heard from Wenger.


It’s not changing for fun. Don’t you agree that there have to been some points of improvement to continue on and keep the faith in Emery? You could argue that because of the injuries that’s his safety net. But after 30 games under his leadership I doubt next season is going to be better.


If there are aggressive outgoings in the summer Emery should be on the clock in year 2.

He’ll have had more than enough to assess this squad.


This is the argument essentially.


As long as we had a fully-fit squad, we looked ok.


Not loud enough for me. We and he simply cannot avoid to be avoiding these windows with shit we have on our books.
He has inherited an awful squad and fear he will just get bare minimum money to sort this mess out.
Our squad is miles behind the others and even if we spend they will too and thats likely leaving us floundering. He will probably then be the fall guy unfortunately.


During that unbeaten run we had a lot of dodgy perfomances too. Usually performance is a better indicator of results in the long term…


That’s true, but we looked more solid overall. Today we just look clueless and all over the pace having to play Mustafi, the swiss fucker and Kolasinac together.


Let’s get some dinosaur like Big Sam to sort it out.

I completely give up with some of you. Better to go out drink now, otherwise i am gonna break my keyboard in pieces reading the shit someone is posting.

Good evening.


Really a lazy analysis imho… in actuality, we have done ok all things considered in the big games… we had 2 big games at the very start of the season too. Our defensive injuries on top of being the 6th best squad and Ozil out is hard for any team to cope with but looking at the gulf of quality above us, makes it virtually impossible - yet we are in striking distance of 4th… while I am not thrilled with aspects of some management, Emery hasn’t done too bad with what he has to work with this year imho.


Yes and it wasn’t Emery’s decision not to do so, obviously.


I have not mentioned in any shape or form that I want him removed. Ive stated he is likely to be the fall guy because of lack of investment.
This was my main point about wanting him to put a discreet comment about being disappointed in lack of activity.

Anyway see you Monday for scouse meltdown if Liverpool win.


We don’t know that. At a certain point he needs to convince his bosses to back him in the market. He’s the one that works with the players every day so if he can’t decide who needs replaced and then convince the higher ups to do so then we need someone more ambitious.


He is doing what I expected. Competing for top four with a view on Europa League victory. Should I be glad that he is meeting those (minimum) expectations?

The performances are terrible. Our only player with flair is being bullied out of the club. The new regime got rid of Mislintat and their first addition is a mediocre Barcelona reject.


I have more faith in the Europa competition than the Prem. I think Emery’s style will bring in the good times and maybe win it