Unai Emery


Wtf is this nonsense


If he would give some money, I am sure Emery would do it.



It is indeed nonsense. I’ve always dislike cross sports comparison, fact that Josh is willing to go “there” reveals alot of ignorance


he wants us to get to the CL final on a “self-sustained” economic model though, forgot that part, while we fight whatever handful of flavour of the season teams are currently in full momentum in Europe plus a handful of teams who couldn’t give fewer fucks about economic modesty and are always topped out with the latest talents, while we’re trying to manage the same situation in miniature in the league meanwhile :upside_down_face:

you are the main voice on the board, delegate some additional “outside of what we make per season” dosh then, nothing is stopping you, and nothing has for like 8? years now.


I stopped reading at cross pollination. Ffs what bollocks.


The way players are brought in is so different. The NFL is an owners league where they can use the franchise tag or transition tag on one upcoming free agent. Then there is the draft. You really can’t compare the two. The only way that comparison can be made is if he’s stating they are going to invest in Arsenal like they did in the Rams. Although their move to LA hasn’t be flawless. Not sure why the Chargers moved there either. It’s never been a football city.


This reality says more about the current flawed nature of the sport tbh

Who wants football to be dominated by a select few billionaires? You can easily say can’t beat em, join em but that compounds the error.

Football is becoming pointless if the only way to succeed is through significant investment. The game NEEDS to be reformed and reset


It does and has needed that for a while now. Thats not the full story at Arsenal though.


Sounds like standard grade biology with the bees and flies and flowers and shit.


This pretty much comes down too reversing the Bosman-ruling. Not sure how that is going to happen.


What effect do you expect that to have? I don’t see how that would affect this trend of inflating player prices, on the contrary, players would just maintain value towards the end of the contract. But the main reason player prices are going up is because of the increased income of the clubs and winning/playing in top leagues being more valuable.


For starters before the Bosman ruling came in effect every team was only allowed to field three foreigners in European competitions. What’s the use of all that money if you can’t buy international footballers in the first place?


Deserves criticism for continuing using to play Lichtsteiner and not firing him off into the sun.

Ffs this guy was brought in in the summer! More money wasted just to add problems to the team.

Sort it out.

Time to bench Iwobi for a while too. Play Ozil or Suarez idgaf


Ozil came 18th in the bleep test.

He’s dun out here breh


Sticking with Lich and Iwobi is pretty worrying.


Suarez is gonna surely play once he has settled in FFS! Give Unai a rest.


The insistence on playing two strikers today seems silly tbh

Both Auba and Laca were operating in midfield the large portions of the game.


Sounds like me at school


Thing is, I’ve been feeling better about Unai as our manager recently.

But that 5-3-2 needs firing into the sun.

As does Lichtsteiner.

NO MORE ffs.