Unai Emery


It’s not true at all if:

One. Arsenal are limited by external wage control measures when it comes to our ability to spend without ANY outgoings this season so far. That just a circumstance of poor management from the football experts.

Two. The decision to avoid permanent deals in January is new policy in reaction to the fact that the winter Window is generally terrible time for doing major transfers because it’s mid season, teams are reluctant to sell and players hesitant to leave hence high premium in fees and wages.

Sanllehi indicated in November that there was a firm strategy set in the summer and it didn’t sound like major spending in Jan was ever the plan regardless of how the season was progressing.


or maybe he showing that we need better and cannot count on these players and they are all he has


All these excuses about these players are not good enough. Aside from Man City, Liverpool, Tottenham, Chelsea and Man U first teams. We should be beating the rest.


We can make excuses for Emery but in an attacking sense Emery thinks he has a squad good enough to not include Mesut Ozil in his 18 and Aaron Ramsey in his starting 11. So the fact we scored 0 and created fuck at all West Ham he deserves a pasting.


Well we have the third highest amount of goals in the league don’t we? and we’ve played a lot of the season without Ozil and Ramsey so he’s not wrong to expect more in fixtures against West Ham.

That’s not justification for his decisions btw. I don’t think either of them should be benched for Iwobi, Mkhi or the second striker we always seem to find room for.


Seeing some of our upcoming fixtures and honestly, we could be out of the FA Cup and hanging by the needle for Top 6 by February. O.o
Need to get our shit straight or we’ll end up like the Milan sides.


Yeah we do have the 3rd highest amount goals, largely due to the fact Aubameyang went on a freakish scoring run of scoring with 10 consecutive shots on target that was never sustainable.

All I’m saying is everyone defends the Emery by talking about the dross he inherited, but failing to use Ozil and Ramsey properly in games like this isn’t really doing him any favours.


I think both are true honestly. He has inherited some poor players, particularly at the back as we all know, but he also hasn’t maximized our attacking potential with the talent we have. I’m not Ozil’s biggest fan but this is really getting on my nerves now; Emery is losing his ability to justify excluding him now.


Emery needs to establish a constant effort state that he expects the team to play to regardless of their ability against teams. All top clubs have it and you know exactly what to expect from them. Without it we will swing on efforts on each game and that will cause fan anger like with Wenger


maybe in training etc he just isnt following instructions nor putting the work in. Or knowing arsenal emery has been told not to play him much because there is some clause in his contract stating if he plays a certain amount or contributes a certain amount he gets add ons etc and they dont want to pay it they want to keep payments to a minimum so they can invest in the summer.


Simple but very good post that.


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The whole Ozil exclusion thing looks poor on Ozil at this stage if anything.

There’s no good reason for a new manager to exclude a talent like Ozil tactically unless his hand has been forced. My guess is that Ozil hasn’t responded well to his ideas and Ozil isn’t willing to slum it out on the wing to the best of his ability.

Of course you could question why you would deploy a guy like ozil on the wing rather than centrally


I dont think it is even wing play i think he is being a lazy cunt with the attitude i am on 350k ill take my wages and do the bare minimum and he wants him to work and he aint really even doing it coupled with injuries and being half assed and the coaches are fed up with it and dont trust him on the pitch because he leaves us vunerable.


Maybe the whole Ozil thing is looking for a club in this window. Neither side hints at anything not being amicable.
Would not be surprised if both sides were working toward this.


Well just as well Emery has shut him out, because with Ozil not in the squad at all we have everyone working for the cause and don’t look in the slightest bit vulnerable on the pitch.


Just on the wing talk, I don’t buy it. It could be argued that Ozil has played down the wings(mostly RW) for most of his career despite being known as a #10. He did so for Schalke, Werder, Madrid, Arsenal and of course the German NT. I doubt if given the rights reasons, Ozil, would have an issue with that.

Anyway, on a general context, nobody knows what’s up with Ozil, Emery and Arsenal. I just can’t seem to believe he actually fell out with the coach. I used to think people made a big deal of it but some of the comments Emery has made in his conferences add gas to the fire. Hoping it’s just his bad English at this point.


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You’re exactly right, Bob.

How can we go into games, time and time again this season, and not want to play in the first half? We’ve been fortunate enough to get away with it on the 7 consecutive game winning run, but now it’s catching up on us with a bang.

If we just decided to want to play (honestly, it seems as simple as that sometimes), we’d have fared better against Palace, Wolves, Southampton and West Ham. 10 points!

We need purposeful intent. I only saw that in the first 20 mins against Spurs at home this season


With the line-up today there was no link up between midfield and attack. Both Auba and Laca wanted balls to be played in behind and were completely nullified by the 3 man West Ham defence sitting deep. Iwobi huffed and puffed, but had no end product.

The game was crying out for a link player sitting just behind the strikers who could have drawn their holding midfielders and created an opening or two. But what can we do, it’s not like we have one sitting in the reserves.