Unai Emery


You gone completely off him yet ?


Nah way too early for that. Got to give him next season aswell. Big Summer ahead for him isn’t it?


There’s been alot of questionable decision making on and off the pitch by the new regime.

Certain aspects of Emery’s management has not been upto scratch. I need to see more convincing signs from all involved.


So we couldn’t create anything, yet Özil was available and not used? Xhaka fucked up in midfield again too? Wow.


Okay Unai. I’ve defended you so far, but now you have to prove yourself.

He better find the solutions or he’s in trouble.


The solutions are not in that squad of players. The big question for me is how this window goes. If we dont get anything in, im going to monitor his response too it.
Really dont want another stooge supporting a failed strategy. 19 days and counting.


The problem is that he has his hands tied and won’t be able to sign the players he wants. I think he deserves the end of this season and the summer to try and get in who he wants, although I don’t think that’s totally possible at this club.

Once next season hits though, obvious progress has to be made and if it isn’t, it’s goodbye. We cannot afford to slide like this.


If we beat Chelsea and Manchester United in our next 2 home games, all will be forgotten. That’s how fickle football can be.

It’s up to Emery to help himself.


BS tbh. No indication of this


Agree mostly but he has to address what he can now. Might be short term loans or players over 29 but he needs to put a mark on this side.
He really has to take a look at his defensive set up though. That has been a major shock for me in his reign so far here.


Maybe he has tried, but the dross cant defend and he badly needs competent players there.


Well if he buys someone in this window im prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt. I know its hard getting what you want right now, but he has to get someone.
He has to send me a message that the dross he has wont do.


He needs support from the club, 100%. I do think he’s made a few too many mistakes in the last month or so with team selection, game management etc. and with the players we have in attacking areas our output should be much better, but the defense just isn’t good enough in terms of the individuals he has at his disposal.


What on earth are you talking about lmao

Do you think Emery has the necessary budget right now to get in what he needs during this window?


Im starting to think he may be wengers puppets. Why play a back 3 on a narrow pitch especially as we don’t have 1 decent half let alone 3. Needs to do a lot more to be convincing.


It’s laughable to suggest his hands have been tied. You don’t spend £19m on an average technical keeper to facilitate his ideal style when the position wasn’t even a priority

He had a major say in the transfer strategy which saw us spent £70m and renew a ton of existing deals in the summer with no outgoings to supplement the budget.

Whether that’s impacted his ability to do business in Jan is a result of the dealings in the summer. I even think the club’s current stance on the Jan window isn’t even down to budget rather new policy based on the idea that January is a terrible time to do long term business and we should focus short term options.

This doesn’t even take into account various tactical decisions have highly questionable even with the existing personnel


Just when you thought things were starting to recover at Arsenal, it’s all starting to go down the cliff.


Or maybe no budget because they arent going to keep emery at the club


I wasn’t referring to just the summer, I’m more speaking of what we need to do in this window and in the coming summer. If it’s true that we can only sign players on loan this January for instance, that is absolutely tying his hands in the market.

I say none of this as a defense of him against the mistakes he has made btw, but I’m just making the point that he needs help above him in recruitment and that has to continue, not just have been the case last summer.


Also paying the price for going down the dignified route on Wenger. Giving him till the end of the season when things needed sorting sooner.
Should of been sacked by February last year. Hasnt helped having the farewell tour for him.