Unai Emery


But he’s saying he got them to the EL final tho what’s finishing 8th gotta do with it?


Ah I misread the UEL. Not used to that acronym. :slight_smile: My bad @Feche


People actually compare Klopp to Emery still.
Stop with the Klopp finished 8th excuses. Klopp was appointed at one of the most awkward stages to have a manager change. Liverpool had a joke squad that was carried by Suarez and at that point even lost Sterling. Rodgers was doomed and Liverpool snapped up Klopp while he was available, before going to some other elite club(Madrid?) in the world.

Emery is a bum that can’t work with top players. Go and coach a Fulham man. We have guys like Ozil, Auba, Laca, Rambo, etc.
Club is a mess, go and check the names they were ‘talking’ to. Luis Enrique was bound to happen and then Emery popped up begging(!!) for a job and our cheap fucks smiled grin to grin at another saving.


really…yaaaawwwwn give him a chance in a couple of seasons we can say this at least give the guy a chance


Yeah data so far isn’t great, especially with our current situation and squad shambles, but Klopp has a squad that we would die for comparatively… they are on par with City above everyone else. They absolutely played the market like a god damn fiddle and are reaping the rewards.


I know, it is ridiculous, Emery has 3 EL trophies and Klopp has 6 final losses.

don’t worry @Arsenal4thetreble I got you brotato


I’m all for giving someone a chance but I haven’t seen good signs at all. We are progressively worse at defending and we can’t use our best players effectively. People keep sleeping on Everton, Leicester, West Ham, etc. like they were sleeping on spurs and now they’re in front of us.
Frankly, spending money on players isn’t the answer for me. I don’t trust the board buying Emery top players only to decide then that he can’t work with them. His track record ain’t that good.


This is the most worrying thing… we haven’t solved our biggest problem at all and have even backslid on what started the season as a semi-competent (at least for Arsenal) pressing strategy… now we are back to Wenger-pressing… let me run at the guy with the ball while he has already figured out where to go next… rinse/repeat.

Having said that, long-term our absolute floor is 6th… it really is… can we drop out of that the odd year like Chelsea/Utd did? Sure… but our systemic advantages over 7-20 are insurmountable in today’s day and age… we will get rid of Emery after next year if things don’t improve.

Problem right now is we need to reload player assets - we have nothing in the cupboard and that is going to take shrewd investments, intelligent buying and selling, and a few years.


Good on Emery for phoning it in at La Liga with a very good team and going all out at EL who at the time people treated it like a chore.


Jokes aside though I think he struggled with Pellegrini’s style though, especially the midfield game until they scored and sat back a bit. Feels bad that we lost the game due to yet another blatant individual error but we keep making those individual errors like they just come off an assembly line, and Emery subbed out Xhaka and Mustafi, the two most error prone players we have in the squad and got another two midfielders on so the right subs I think.

We also have the top scorer in the PL on the pitch, another good link-up attacking player and in general only Liverpool and City have scored more goals than us so on a more general note we do well going forward, I just feel like this should’ve been a 0-0 game then because they were not that good either but we gift them one and the whole situation just gets so much worse. Better wingers would’ve helped a lot here.

@GC-Maniac the picture was supposed to indicate that it was banter.


Giving credit where it is due, Pellegrini has them playing pretty well for that squad.


Emery has taken over a poor squad with very few top quality players so until he gets them, expect more of the same.

We are in a period of transition and have been since we moved to the Emirates so what’s the rush?

I’m sure Kroenke has seen today’s performance, because he is a huge fan and watches every game avidly, and I’m sure he is going to give Emery the 200m or so he will need to sort this mess out. :grinning:


It’s a little worrying that three of the five best players at the club didn’t start today’s match and one of those five wasn’t even part of the matchday squad!

I recognize that there probably weren’t a ton of top tier coaches who were willing to work with the wage and squad restrictions we have but the wheels look like they are coming off at a pretty alarming rate. If Emery can’t or won’t play Ozil we have to find a way to move one of those two guys on.

If Emery doesn’t want to play Ramsey due to the pre-contract situation with Juventus, isn’t it on Raul to call the Juventus front office and say, "Hey guys, we know he’s going to be your player in July but if you give us 6m right now you can have him. If not we’re going to run him into the fucking ground either as part of the first team or in reserve games.

Also, what the hell is going on with Torreira? Why is Matteo getting the start in midfield over him? Managers have their favorites but Matteo played a real stinker today imho. The ball wouldn’t stick to him for shit today.


obviously he didnt but at least the guys that matter did in Raul and Vinai, and i am sure they know the squad needs work.


on Mesut Ozil’s absence…
We had enough players to win today and impose our gameplan, and impose our tactical quality against them. We also respect them and they have good players. With their supporters here, they feel stronger. Maybe for the bench, some attacking players could have helped. But I think we had enough with these players.

on why he didn’t use Ozil…
We decided that the players here were the best for this match. We’ve won with him, we’ve lost with him. No one player makes the difference between winning and losing the game.

on understanding the interest in Ozil not being in squad…
Yes, but I can say he’s working with us normally this week. Like I said to you, we’ve won and lost with him. Today the players who were here are the players who deserved to be in this match. We could have won or lost, like we can with him. We continue working with every player because they are all important, but today the decision was to come with these players.


:bellend: I am just going to say words because I have no answer


That’s an interesting quote on your best player.
If Ozil is lacking in confidence then I hope he doesn’t read that.

As for saying: “No one player makes the difference between winning and losing the game.’” that is just nonsense.
Mustafi or Xhaka are perfectly capable of losing us a game.


Yeah this is bizarre…


Questions have to be asked when 3 of your top 5 players were available for selection, you don’t pick them and lose the match.


Just Emery things :face_with_raised_eyebrow: