Unai Emery


@AbouCuellar You were right with Emery. Sorry. You told us since the beginning and we didn’t want to believe. Now I do.


bunch of snowflakes 1/2 a season and you are saying this…did liverpool fans say that klopp was a deadbeat because he didnt get them to the promised land in the 1st season and he arguably inherited a better squad to worth with than emery did. At least give him a couple of seasons before you judge and stop being so fucking reactionary. I can understand if this is the 3rd season and we are no better bu what are people expecting with this squad and a managers 1st time in the EPL.


Was always prepared for our first manager post Wenger not to work out (we’re not at that point yet) because if it doesn’t work we simply won’t renew the contract and we move on.

It doesn’t feel like we got it because we lost our first two games but the reality is that unbeaten run was our new manager bounce and unfortunately that’s as good as it gets from this bunch of players it seems.

Of more concern is how we’re playing though. Shit doesn’t quite cover it and that’s all on Emery.


I didn’t expect to be challenging for every trophy but at least to be competitive and play good football. This is just awful. The tactics, the perfomances, the decisions, all of it has been mediocre at best. I can’t get behind being a team playing with no spirir. Even we were winning it was more luck than perfomances.


Klopp is 10 times better than Emery tho.


Fact is, if Wenger had kept Ozil out the SQUAD (not just benched, but out the squad) and we were playing like this, the pitchforks would be out.

At this point, this shit is moronic. This kind of stubbornness is something I was happy to see the back of.

Carry on like this and it may get to sackable offence territory.


with a better team and a lot of money spend and it has taken him this long to get things together…so to write emery off when he inherited a shit squad had only a few added players and 1/2 a season is fucking nuts. If he had a few seasons here and things are like this then fair enough but to be chatting shit already fucking hell…what happened to ‘any new manager will need a few seasons so sort this shit out’


He’s nothing special as a manager anyway we cheaped out giving him the job tbh




To be fair, nobody else wanted the restrictions we have to work under for now.

So I guess we have to let him steady the ship for now, but once it’s steadied maybe find somebody else.


Can some of you stop acting like the AFTV reactionary idiots you claim to be above? It’s like I’m reading a bunch of posts by Claude or some shit.


It would be counter productive for Emery not to do well here. We know he’s not here forever. He’s perhaps already put off by Arsenal with the transfer situation and loan signings only.

I don’t think he’ll be as laissez faire as Wenger (I’m always here. I can lose as many games as I want).

If Emery succeeds at Arsenal, his CV becomes that bit more glittery. I don’t know what his target for “success” is (that’s set by the powers that be above him) but I still want to see how he can turn a bad situation around.

He’s here until the end of next season, in my opinion. Whether that’s his choice or the board’s, no idea.

Weekend ruined


Klopp arrived after the transfer window closed and got to the UEL finals with the squad they had. Also, that thought of be shit for a couple of years and change later is bollocks. If it doesnt work, fix it


he hasnt had a fucking chance to change it though has he


Emery has a squad with so much talent Ozil can’t make the 18 nor can Ramsey make the starting lineup.

I never thought this guy was the right man but we do have to give him some time, frustratingly it will likely just result in another wasted 2 years or so.


I think you make a good point here. I’m one of these silly sods who believe in football superstitions. West Ham were due a home win against us. I’m almost glad it happened in a nothing game in a “meh” season.

Here’s to the next 12 years with the wankers not being able to beat us in East London


Oh God have mercy


At this point, i’d consider him a success if the wage bill has drastically reduced by the time he’s gone.

That’s all i kind of expect from him. That and play your best fucking players.

@Feche looks like full focus will be on the UEL soon enough.


He finished 8th his first season so no, he didn’t.


No coach in football is long term these days so I’m totally comfortable without Emery working under the restrictions until we can wriggle our way out of them and create a better squad.

When all is said and done he’s working with more restrictions than any other top club except for Spurs and they’re blessed to have an excellent squad with stable management.

He’s arrived at a club floundering because of 10 years of under investment and squad mismanagement and the notion that he’d be able to make a significant change in his first season was quite simply an un realistic one.

I’m more than happy to give Emery until the end of next season to prove his worth but there’s no doubt in my mind he’s inherited a shower of shit and it’s going to take a lot longer than 6 months and substandard signings to get us competing again.