Unai Emery


Just looked at the squad on transfermarkt. We have 5 players with their contract running out this summer (red). Conservatively, we have 2 more players who we will be actively looking to move on (blue).

On top of that, you then have to consider the places we need to strengthen anyway (CB, LB, RB, CM and Wings).

The next 2 windows should be hectic. Given the amount of squad upheaval there is going to be, the club should be looking at every transfer window to start making headway into the roster overhaul that is needed.


Reality is we need to have the balls to sell Mustafi, Xhaka, Kolasinac and Lacazette THEN start over.

None of the higlighted blue players are generating additional transfer funds


Well, if that’s what you’re hoping for you may as well call him Unai Eunuch


Why on earth would you sell Xhaka or Lacazette?


not selling him to inter for £35 million in the summer of 2017 will kill me


Because their current production isn’t proportionate to the transfer fees we spent on them. We need to supplement our existing transfer budget with outgoings and the players I mentioned are ideal candidates for sale for various reasons.

I feel with a cleaner slate and additional funding the new regime will make better use of our resources


Because Xhaka is shit and well we shouldn’t sell Lacazette, he’s a good player to have


I think we can debate whether or not we needed both Laca and Auba, and there’s no doubt that one of those 50m sums could’ve been spent on a defender instead. But now that we have them, I’d rather Emery try to find a way to maximize our attacking output with both. At times he has, but it hasn’t been done consistently so far. I think Welbecks injury has forced him to leave Laca out a bit more because we only have two strikers atm who we can trust.

As for Xhaka, I quite like the player and think he’s been underrated by our fans because it’s easy to see his stupidity and lack of defensive awareness come out in a few moments. As we stand now, hes fairly important to our team imo so I don’t think selling him makes any sense whatsoever. I’m not even sure we’d get enough money, due to his reputation, for it to be worth the sale.

Really, we should’ve sold Ramsey and imo Ozil while we had the chance. The Ramsey one in particular was a massive mistake and we left 50m on the table. I’m not sure we should try to account for those mistakes by selling two of our better players, at least in my opinion. But then again, because of the braindead management of contracts and recruitment, I accept that we may have to.


Seriously really think about the long term picture, the ideal time to sell him is in this coming summer tbh

How many years do you think Auba has in him as a competent goal scorer? When Auba starts to fade are you telling Laca is going to step up to replace the production?

What will Laca be in 2 or 3 years time for this club? I know what Laca can do and I think he’s a great player, what’s the point in retaining him when we can get similar levels of production from a younger player at a cheaper cost but with greater long term up sight?

A young CF talent would love the mins Laca is currently getting. I say if we get CL football we sell and secure premium talent. What use is Lacazette against the best in Europe? We can get a very decent fee from PL clubs for Laca


Who’s the cheaper player who’s going to be as good as Lacazette? Because it’s more likely we get someone worse as Chelsea and United did when they thought they buying dead set world beaters in Lukaku and Morata. Finding future top attacking talent is difficult. And is anyone offering top dollar for Lacazette anyway? He’s pretty much found his level here.


Laca aspires to get more chances with the French NT right? Having both Laca and Auba is good and all but it’s a shame a striker of his calibre to be playing second fiddle. There are many clubs in need of a striker. Just casually offer him to these teams. We’re not selling dead wood, we’re selling an elite surplus player. You can easily recoup 40-50 mil. for him. Go and get a Calum Wilson to be Auba’s cover.


I don’t know mate, I’m not a scout but I guessing if you gave Sven £25m to shop around for an elite talent , he wouldn’t come back with 3 magic beans

I agree it is difficult but there’s a reason we poached Sven and made him head of recruitment. I think Laca is playing well enough to attract fees of above £35m quite easily tbh

I just don’t see Laca as player we need to hold on to


We should sell Laca to Chelsea for big money they like to purchase our slightly better than mediocre strikers it seems, agree with you.


I think he would thrive there but that’s the issue. :joy::joy:
Gotta look outside the PL.


I personally don’t think he’s ever gonna be more than a 15 goals per season striker.


We aren’t getting a player for 25m as good as Laca and Sven’s deals have been bang average this far in.


Again, listening to this guy’s conferences is awkward/cringe-y, even 6 months in.

Anyway, there are snippets of what he said, admitting we could use a CB and a winger would be useful as well. Some ignored though that before he said anything about a winger he explained that regarding the CB issue, it isn’t that simple as we have Dino(Mauropanos) returning. I wouldn’t be surprised that unless a no brainer comes in we won’t sign a CB and wait till June.


I’m really all for shipping Scotty Mustafi off and promoting Dino, even from an improving point of view. It’s less embarrassing if mistakes happen as he’s a guy in his fledgling years compared to a ‘seasoned’ CB like Mustafi over here.

Would still love a top CB though.


Why? His english? :arteta:


That’s what happens when you had that French ‘monolith’ that got you top 4 and provided great football with bums like Squillaci and and then replaced him with the first discount you found on the market.
Fucking West Ham have a better manager than us. This fucking club. :joy::joy::joy:
Since we are in the market for loaning, can we loan a manager?