Unai Emery


Expected goals 1.36 Expected goals conceded 1.20 is actually diabolically bad for a club harbouring hopes of Champions League Football :rofl:


I’m not concerned about brownie points. It’s exactly with the health of the club in mind that I think Arsenal did not make the right choice.

Obviously I might be completely wrong depending on how the next two seasons will go.


I like this rant


It’s an interesting discussion because if you recall Sven’s recent stataments, he said that his position at Arsenal is a huge challenge due to there being 3 Bayerns and a couple Dortmunds in the PL. The margin for error when buying players is very small, and they are on such a short leash when they get to play because you can’t afford to drop many points and be out of top 4 contention. Iwobi and Guendouzi maybe would have an easier time playing and developing for BVB, because they would get more play time, they’ve not got a lot of competition for CL places.


Arghh I thought the days of adding AFTV videos were gone.
Fuck that channel and fuck this guy and whatever he has to say


That part of the Arsenal way and class thing was very good and relevant for me in that.


Has Unai Emery given up twitter yet? :joy:



Hopefully Unai stays out of his replies and mentions.


What’s really shit is saying that Emery > Poch, and not getting so much as one challenge.


Also lol at the people blaming shit on Sven. It’s like the old days of doing mental gymnastics to defende Wenger by blaming the board, whoever it was. Sven may be shit in so far as he endorsed a crap hire to replace Wenger (Emery), but Aubameyang, Torreira, Guendouzi, Sokratis is fine work on the personnel front in a period of 6 months, anybody expecting much more on that front is kidding themselves.

So much has changed from Wenger don’tyaknow! Modern tactics, passionate fist pumps on the sidelines, great detailed 20GB pen drives for the players, etc. etc.!! +Aubameyang, Lacazette, actual quality CMs… :grimacing: And it shows in the results!! oh, wait…


How long before the posts in this thread exceed the number in the Arsène Wenger thread ?


If people keep having absolute nonsense debates spamming the thread then not too long


Not as shit as comparing CR7 to OG12 and also listing him as the 20th best football player in the world behind the likes of Higuain :joy::joy:


So so far this season we’ve been whipped by Liverpool, City, and Chelsea, drawn United and beaten Spurs (and lost to them).

Sounds like exactly the record Wenger had again the top 4/6.


It is, pretty much the exact results we achieved against all those sides last year, minor alterations we drew at OT instead of losing, but lost at the Bridge instead of drawing.


ffs give him at least two full seasons before you call him wenger


We weren’t whipped by Chelsea at all


Can’t argue with this. Especially on a limited budget.


Mr Squires is a genius :arteta:


Can’t fault him too much atm. He is working with some real shit so he can’t do more. But please, at least play Auba, Ozil and Laca together.