Unai Emery


It’s quite clear the new model is that of a head coach and that these signings were made by Mislintat. Emery is not culpable


Ok so we’ll go with Mislintat being a fraud then, I’m happy enough with that.


I’m totally on board with that.


Emery had no input in who we signed this summer. Don’t blame him for this. Get with the times, we’ve joined this Director-Coach model. The reason Gazidis and co. signed Emery was because he agreed to work under this model. Emery is clearly unfit for this role(as most managers are). Board and coach need to revise things and must find a solution. If you want Emery to stay then grant him freedom, if not then find someone else.


One thing that is Emery’s fault is freezing out one of our best players, despite us lacking quality as a squad overall.


Didn’t say that. I said it’s much more than having better players.


Isn’t he injured again?


I’ll tell you one thing - no matter what - 30 goals conceded is criminal and he deserves a lot of criticism for that. He wasn’t dealt the best hand with our signings in the summer but there’s no excuse for what… 3 clean sheets in 20 games?


I think he’s “injured”, not injured.


Who the hell knows at this point… :joy:


I don’t wanna be harsh on him because even Klopp had this kind of comical record in hist first year.

And his gameplan today was decent. It’s these stupid brainless individual mistakes.

I don’t know who is culpable for them, and maybe Emery is at fault for not stamping this shit out by now.

But I dunno, I just want to slap the shit out of all the defenders that play for Arsenal.


Was a disaster that was predictable. It’s still only one game and we got 0 points out of a projected zero points.


I honestly think that in most matches this season, the gameplan has been fine. Execution has often been an issue.

At Brighton, I thought the gameplan was stupid and the manager had a disaster but at Anfield today, this isn’t about the system. This just shows how poor these defenders are, and I’m not sure it matters how you set them up.


Need Sam Allardyce in. We wouldn’t be losing 5-1 at Anfield if he was here


Nope, but we’d have drawn 15 of our matches so far.


I think this is very fair. We don’t have nearly enough quality across the pitch


It’s mostly in defensive areas, and we lack a pacey wide player who can carry the ball and go past people.

Other than that, we have good strikers and a decent midfield if it is in the correct set up imo. But until we get those defenders and that wide player, it’s not going to be good enough.


Not sure about our midfield either if I am honest, but at least they showed some progress during that good stretch. Even Tory has been poor last couple of games imo


True. PL caught up with him.


I think the potential is there with Guendouzi, and obviously Torriera is a gem despite his recent slump.

I do believe also that Xhaka is a very good player if he is put in the correct system. Wenger didn’t have any clue how to use him and he was never given any help in that area before. With Torriera, or even another partner like Guendouzi much closer to him this season, he has looked much better for a lot of his matches.

It’ll be interesting if this Banega thing is true…