Unai Emery


@Arsenal4thetreble I do get your points. The Sanchez ordeal messed us up and we ended up with no DM by January. It’s kind of miraculous how we ended up 6th and could’ve won EL if it wasn’t for Atleti. The planning from 17-18 was simply terrible. Sticking with a tricky situation with Alexis and Ozil. Completely miscalculating the use of Walcott. Selling Gabriel and Coquelin. Absolute mess. Ironically, it was craziest rollercoaster season. We had many lows but some highs as well. We’ve had some insane performances at Emirates, attacking-wise(:joy:), that had me in an adrenaline rush hours post-game.


We’re rolling back the years boyz… that embarrassing night at OT with the 8-2 is gonna be nothing when we put out an all academy team captained by Mustafi sometime next year.
The rate of our injuries is crazy.


Wait whut. This is taking rewriting history too a whole other level. F.e. we had the best squad in the Europa League if not for Atleti.


That’s debatable. We probably had the most marquee players bar Atleti but the balance of our team well, it wasn’t good(if not terrible). Add to that Auba being ineligible.
I think we have it easier this year in terms of potential rivals at EL.


This guy used to be with Arsenal. Thought this was interesting. He also said that he’s not sure what’s the deal with Rambo. As many suggested, Rambo fits Emery’s ideas. I think he’s trying to suggest that someone higher up has advised Emery to drop Ramsey as he’s not part of future plans?


@AbouCuellar just sitting back lurking, laughing :arteta:


Knew BHA was going to hurt. Getting zero points here was a cert… needed 3 points last game.


He is in the shadows


I don’t actuslly think what he’s done today is wrong. He’s played what looks like a 4-4-2 and we’ve conceded 4 embarrassing goals to concede at top level.

He’s definitely culpable for the lack of defensive improvement but how much is he expected to get out of dogshit defenders and a dogshit goalkeeper?


Next season will be different.


Honeymoon period is well and truly over though that’s for sure. He’s unfortunate that he arrived with a mixed reputation because performances like these give his detractors so much ammunition.

Either way he has my support until the end of next season. Need 3-4 more windows and better stuff from Mislintat and I need to see a better defensive structure.


It’s all about bringing in top defenders. Liverpool looked like an embarrassment at the back before, and why don’t they now?

It amazes me that people can blame Emery for this; he literally doesn’t have the players necessary to do this job atm.


Had woeful defense and a promising attack.
Replaces Arsene with another attacking coach who doesn’t rate the squad.


I just thought I’d add that 3 of our defence / keeper today were signed after Emery joined the club :eyes:.


And he probably didn’t choose any of them.


This ‘Look at Liverpool’ example is getting stale. There are many different variables. People think it’s that simple as sticking with a coach and getting big names in? :joy:


So we’re blaming Mislintat then ?


It isn’t that simple but how can you scoff at me saying that we need better players lmao


I am. Fucking shabby motherfucker


Im blaming the collective unit of decision makers, because that’s what we have now. They need to do a better job in January. Wouldn’t you agree?