Unai Emery


Laca should be treated as an impact sub in the event our attacking play is stale.

Didn’t see an issue with his sub on Sunday.


I’m with you apart from the fact that he is one of our best players in big games.


Meh, it averaged out. We overachieved at home and did poorly away. Last years side is maybe the worst I’ve ever seen in terms of talent in then Emirates area, not a huge surprise.


Arsenal lost 13 games last season. That’s far over the average.


That’s not even remotely what I said but yeeeeee 🖒🖒


You said our away record was averaged out because of the home record. That is not really the case.


We were shit. Losing 13 games is not surprising considering the circumstances. One of the worst Arsenal teams since the turn of the century, players giving up on AW, and our best goal scorer over the hill and his mind somewhere else. So if we’d lost 7 away and 6 at home that wouldn’t have been surprising to me.


You say this to excuse Wenger’s poor performance rather than admitting that them losing faith in him was a symptom of his poor performance.


The players have themselves said that some were in tears because they were frustrated and wanted to do well but were coached really and they were lost and confused and they never analysed opponents and did the same shit every single training session that was not helping them.

Are you gonna deny this? Because if you are why have they gotten rid of not just wenger but pretty much all of his crew also…because they were SHIT!


Why do you all keep feeding him?


The players are unprofessional, the moment they had an out, the opportunity to do the minimum, they took it, pretty clear to me. I mean I guess u want to push a different narrative so kudos to you.


Lululululul :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: and u believe that? Damn ur gullible :grin::grin: ya know next time I do shitty at work I’m gonna cry and say I had a bad manager that’s why I didn’t get the job done. I’ll let ya know how that works out :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


I’d say your narrative is the one that’s “different” but whatever, not worth getting drawn on the topic of Wenger with you because you’re pretty much incapable of being honest about it.


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What’s more of a shame is Luca repeatively not learning from past mistakes (ha I made a Luca joke) and getting these bans. A4TT might be annoying but at least he actually abides by the Forum rules. I dearly hope Luca improves on that aspect when his ban is lifted next week.


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